Spotlight on… Cheerleading!

This week, we’re getting to know our Cheshire-based Cheerleading squad a little bit better!

After gaining lots of interest at this year’s Freshers’ Fair, the club are delighted to boast almost 25 members.  We spoke to club secretary, Shakiera Anderson Roscoe, to find out a little bit more!

Our Cheer squad at this year's Freshers' Fair!
Our Cheer squad at this year’s Freshers’ Fair!

What is the best part about being in your sports club?

“Meeting people who have similar interests to you.  One of the main things we have in common is our love of dance.  It’s also a great way to make new friends while being active.”

Tell us a bit about the competitions that you have competed in.

“Over the past few years, we have competed in a number of competitions including the Future Cheer UK University Nationals and the ICC British Open, both this year, as well as the BCA Winter Wonderland in 2013 and the Jamfest Europe competition in 2012-13.”

Last year's committee at the ICC British Open last year!
Last year’s committee at the ICC British Open last year!

“Although we didn’t do terribly well in the competitions, last year’s performances were still a milestone for the club, after having so many setbacks during the year.  The squad faced a lot of injury last year, but despite this, we managed to pull through and compete in two competitions last year and pull off some really good stunts, which was a fantastic high for us.”

What are your hopes for this academic year?

“We’d love to recruit some more members and help every one of them achieve at least one personal goal in cheerleading.  We also want to make the most of the opportunities we can experience together.

“We’re looking to compete after Christmas and, before this, try to gain some more performance experience.”

The club training on Tuesday and Thursday evenings between 6:30pm and 8:30pm at the Old Gymnasium on our Cheshire Campus.  You can find out more about the club by following @MMUcheer on Twitter or visiting their website.  

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