#BUCSWednesday highlights: the wet weather didn’t dampen our spirits!

Despite being faced with true north-west weather, our clubs scattered themselves across the region for the second #BUCSWednesday of the season.

Here’s some of our favourite results from yesterday’s games.

MATCH OF THE DAY: Men’s Football 1st vs University of Manchester Men’s 1st


With their first win of the season already under their belts from last week, our men’s football team prepared to welcome University of Manchester to Sandbach FC.

Last season, the two teams met at Durham’s Maiden Castle in the Northern Conference Cup final, where our team clinched the title with a 2 -1  victory.

Yesterday’s game saw a tough first half for the team.  Despite having better possession, an early low cross from the opposition earned UoM a 1 – 0 lead, extending this to 2 – 0 just before half term.

After a half time team talk, our team returned to the pitch determined not to concede the game.  The determination worked, as Michael Schofield scored our first goal of the game.  Encouraged, the team pushed forward to make another attempt on goal, which was headed wide.

With ten minutes to go and everything still to play for, Rio powered the ball into the bottom corner of the visitor’s goal, levelling the scoreline to 2 – 2 where the score remained for the final whistle.

One point in the bag and another great game for the team as they continue their campaign in the BUCS Northern 1A!

Women’s Hockey 1st vs Edge Hill University Women’s 1st

Women's Hockey

It’s been a great start to the year for our women’s hockey 1st team, as our Manchester and Cheshire-based clubs merged to create nothing short of a super team!

United as one, our women’s 1st team made their way to Edge Hill to earn an incredible 11 – 1 victory over the opposition!

Men’s Hockey 2nd vs Keele University Men’s 1st


Continuing our #hockeylove, yesterday also saw our men’s team earn a 6 – 5 victory after an intense game saw the lead go back and forth between the two teams.  The 71st minute saw Tom Bolton score the winner, clinching another three points for the team.

Table Tennis 1st vs  University of Liverpool Men’s 3rd

Our table tennis club are brand new this year, after a group who took part in our Active Campus sessions last year came together to form it!

Competing in the BUCS Northern 3A, yesterday’s game saw the team welcome Liverpool to the Sugden Sports Centre to earn a 13 – 4 victory over the visitors.

Men’s Badminton 1st vs Edge Hill University Men’s 1st


We managed to catch the tail end of this game at the Sugden Sports Centre yesterday, to see some fantastic game play by the team!  After a great start to the season last week away at UCLan, winning 7 – 1, the team repeated the score line against Edge Hill yesterday.

Women’s Lacrosse 1st vs  Keele University 1st


Yesterday saw our women’s lacrosse team earn their first win of the season against Keele on home turf, with an 11 – 4 victory!

Huge congratulations to all of our clubs who competed yesterday – another great Wednesday!  Roll on next week!

For a full list of results, carry on reading below!

Badminton MMU Women’s 1s Glynwr University Women’s 1s Walkover Win
Badminton MMU Women’s 2s Liverpool John Moores University Womens 1st 1 – 7 Loss
Badminton MMU Men’s 1s Edge Hill 1s 7 – 1 Win
Badminton Mens 2nd (Cheshire) Keele University Mens 2nd 1 – 7 LOSS
Badminton MMU Men’s 3s Salford 1s 3 – 5 Win
Badminton Mens 4th (Cheshire) University of Cumbria Mens 1st 1 – 7 LOSS
Basketball MMU Men’s 1s Liverpool John Moores 1s 84 – 39 Win
Basketball Mens 2nd (Cheshire) Lancaster University Mens 1st 42 – 67 Loss
Basketball MMU Women’s 2s UCLAN 1s 40 – 57 Loss
Football Mens 1st (Cheshire) University of Manchester Mens 1st 2 – 2 Draw
Football MMU Men’s 2s Edge Hill 1s 1 – 2 Loss
Football Mens 3rd (Cheshire) University of Cumbria Mens 2nd (Lancaster) 3 – 0 Win
Football MMU Men’s 4s Keele 1s 1 – 0 Win
Football Mens 5th (Cheshire) University of Chester (Warrington) Mens 1st 2 – 1 Win
Football MMU Women’s 1s Manchester 1s 4 – 4 Draw
Football Womens 2nd (Cheshire) Liverpool John Moores University Womens 1st 1 – 6 Loss
Football MMU Women’s 3s Glynwr University Women’s 1s 6 – 0 Win
Football Womens 4th (Cheshire) University College of Football Business Womens 1st (Burnley) 7 – 3 Win
Golf MMU Mixed 2s Liverpool 2s 1 – 5 Loss
Hockey MMU Women’s 1s Edge Hill 1s 11 – 1 Win
Hockey MMU Women’s 2s Manchester 1s 3 – 1 Loss
Hockey MMU Women’s 3s Liverpool 3s 0 – 3 Loss
Hockey MMU Men’s 1s Liverpool John Moores 1s 4 – 4 Draw
Hockey Mens 2nd (Cheshire) Keele University Mens 1st 6 – 5 Win
Hockey MMU Men’s 3s Bolton 1s 6 – 4 Loss
Lacrosse MMU Women’s 1s Keele 1s 11 – 4 Win
Lacrosse MMU Men’s 1s Leeds 1s 6 – 9 Loss
Netball MMU Women’s 1s Keele 1s 24 – 90 Win
Netball Womens 2nd (Cheshire) University of Liverpool Womens 2nd 22 – 35 Loss
Netball Womens 4th (Cheshire) Manchester Metropolitan University Womens 5th (Manchester) 10 – 54 Loss
Netball MMU Women’s 5s MMU (Cheshire) 4s 54 – 10 Win
Netball MMU Women’s 6s Chester (Chester) 2s 32 – 31 Win
Netball Womens 7th (Cheshire) University of Manchester Womens 5th 3 – 56 Loss
Rugby League MMU Men’s 1s York St Johns 1s 46 – 14 Win
Rugby League Mens 2nd (Cheshire) University of Central Lancashire Mens 1st 0 – 104 Loss
Rugby Union MMU Men’s 1s Leeds Beckett Men’s 2s 43 – 19 Loss
Rugby Union Mens 2nd (Cheshire) University of Central Lancashire Mens 2nd 29 – 7 Win
Rugby Union MMU Men’s 3s Chester (Warrington) 1s 45 – 17 Win
Squash MMU Men’s 1s Leeds 1s 0 – 5 Loss
Squash MMU Men’s 2s Liverpool 2s 0 – 3 Loss
Table Tennis MMU Men’s 1s Liverpool 3s 13 – 4 Win
Tennis MMU Women’s 1s Bangor 1s 8 – 4 Win
Tennis MMU Men’s 1s Chester (Chester) 2s 6 – 6 Draw
Volleyball MMU Women’s 1s Lancaster 1s 0 – 3 Win
Waterpolo MMU Men’s 1s Newcastle 1s 14 – 12 Win

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