Meet our sport scholar… Jerelle Okoro!

Meet Manchester Giants player, Jerelle Okoro!

Jerelle Okoro

We’re delighted to have Jerelle joining our sport scholarship programme this year.  Originally from London, Jerelle moved to Manchester to study Sports Management and compete with Giants in the BBL.

We chatted to Jerelle about how he was inspired to get involved with the sport and his advice for anyone thinking the same!

Jerelle Okoro competing for Manchester Giants
Jerelle Okoro competing for Manchester Giants

What is your greatest sporting achievement?

“Being named BBL Cup champions during my time with Leicester Riders.”

How did you get involved with your sport?

“I saw my uncle play when Spacejam was released in the cinema – the rest was history.”

Why did you choose to study Sports Management?

“I find it fun and challenging.”

What are your future ambitions and aspirations?

“I want to play basketball in Europe and run my own business.”

Who has had the biggest influence on your life?

“My mother.”

What advice would you give to a young athlete?

“Always push your limits.”

You can find out more about our sport scholarship programme by visiting our website.

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