Campus League Roundup: Week One

It’s finally started! Our Campus Leagues are back for the 15/16 academic year and what a great start we have had as, over in the 11-a-side football leagues, it was goals galore in nearly every game!

IMG_3745The phrase “it’s a game of two halves” comes to mind as newly formed side Murder On Zidane’s Floor went into halftime 1-0 up against Eton Messi. As most of us know, comebacks can happen from this respectable score and of course, it did in the second half.

But, what nobody was expecting was for Eton Messi to come back and score SIX goals against Murder on Zidane’s Floor! Leaving the game to finish 6-1!

Hats off to Eton Messi for such a great comeback but whoever was in charge of the halftime team talk for Murder on Zidane’s Floor has had a shocker! Fortunately, for Murder on Zidane’s Floor it was only a friendly so it does not affect their position in the league table.


Elsewhere in the league, FC Bottlejob hosted Birley FC. The first game of the season is always an exciting one and usually promises plenty of action and just like a postman, these two teams delivered! With the match finishing with a 9-2 win to Birley FC.


There was a SIXTEEN goal thriller when the visiting Greystar United took on No Name FC. The game was certainly eventful, as the scoreline shows there were plenty of twists and turns with game finishing with an 11-5 win to No Name FC.

For a full list of results, carry on reading below.

HellyCy 4  – 4 FC Debrados of Fallowfield
All Saints 1 – 2 DLT
Spartan Moscow 8 – 0 FC Blizzard
Cambridge FC 12 – 2 Lallana in Pyjamas
No Name FC 11 – 5 Greystar United
Eton Messi 6 – 1 Murder on Zidane’s Floor
FC Bottlejob 2 – 9 Birley FC

Unfortunately there were two injuries this week with Greystar United’s Ben Murphy and DLT’s Liam Caulfield both sustaining injuries. After speaking to both players, we can confirm that their injuries are nothing severe and we wish them a quick and speedy recovery.

Good luck to all of the teams who will be playing tomorrow! We are looking forward to seeing some more exciting performances!

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