#BUCSWednesday highlights: Onwards and CUPwards!

Many of our teams began their cup campaign this week!   Here’s some of our favourite results from yesterday’s games!

MATCH OF THE DAY: Men’s Basketball 1st vs Hull 1st


Our men’s basketball 1st team enjoyed a solid start to their cup campaign, as they welcomed the University of Hull men’s 1st team to the Sugden Sports Centre yesterday.

After two consecutive victories in the league, the team took to the court with their sights set on avoiding being knocked out so early on in the cup competition.  The team took an early lead, ahead 14 – 8 by the end of the first quarter, before extending their lead to 41 – 24 by half time.


Spurred on by the support of our cheerleaders, the team returned to the court for the second half, and quickly extended their lead to 65 – 33 by the end of the third quarter.  A solid performance from the home team saw the game finish up 80 – 50, cementing their place in the next round of the cup, which will see them face the University of Sheffield on Wednesday 11th November.

Women’s Hockey 3rd vs Lancaster 3rd


After a couple of tough weeks, our women’s hockey 3rd team enjoyed their first win of the season yesterday, securing a 1 – 0 win over Lancaster 3rd in the Conference Cup!  The pressure’s on for the team now, as they prepare to face Edge Hill University’s 1st team on Wednesday 11th November in the next round.

Women’s Netball 1st vs Durham 1st

Another week, another awesome score line.  Our currently unbeaten netball team made their way to Durham yesterday for their first cup game of the season.  After being knocked out in the early stages last year, the team were looking to make more of an impact in this year’s campaign.  And that’s what they did, as the stormed ahead to a 50 – 11 victory over the home side.  The next round sees them face either Leeds or Sheffield on Wednesday 11nd November – watch this space.

Women’s Water Polo 1st vs Lancaster 1st and Northumbria 1st

water polo

In the league, our water polo team took to the pool yesterday in the first of their round robin competitions.  Competing at York Sports Village, the team came face to face with Lancaster 1s first, and enjoyed an 8 – 6 victory, before conceding 7 – 3 to an extremely strong Northumbria side.  The team now wait until their next evening of games at Lancaster University on Sunday 22nd November.

Men’s Rugby Union 2nd vs Cumbria 1st

Our Cheshire-based men’s rugby union team are having a stormer so far this term.  Facing Cumbria at Crewe and Nantwich RUFC yesterday, the team endured a difficult first half.  Just 5 – 0 up at half time, the team returned to the pitch desperate to make more of a dent in the opposition.  And that they did, as they stormed ahead to a 41 – 0 victory over the visitors.

Huge congratulations to all of our clubs who competed yesterday – another great Wednesday!  Roll on next week!

For a full list of results, carry on reading below!

Badminton   Mens 1st Lancaster University Mens 2nd 6 – 2 Win
Badminton Mens 2nd (Cheshire) University of Cumbria Mens 1st 7 – 1 WIN
Badminton   Mens 3rd Newcastle University Mens 2nd 6 – 2 Loss
Badminton Mens 4th (Cheshire) University of Hull Mens 3rd WO WIN
Basketball   Mens 1st University of Hull Mens 1st 80 – 55 Win
Basketball   Mens 3rd University of Leeds Mens 3rd 83 – 56 Win
Basketball Mens 4th (Cheshire) University of Sunderland Mens 3rd 55 – 62 LOSS
Football Mens 1st (Cheshire) Leeds Beckett University (Carnegie) Mens 1st 4 – 2 WIN
Football   Mens 2nd University of Central Lancashire Mens 3rd 0 – 8 Win
Football Mens 3rd (Cheshire) Sheffield Hallam University Mens 3rd PP PP
Football   Mens 4th Teesside University Mens 1st 3 – 0 Loss
Football Mens 5th (Cheshire) University of Cumbria Mens 2nd (Lancaster) 2 – 0 WIN
Football   Mens 6th University of York Mens 4th 4 – 2 Loss
Football Mens 7th (Cheshire) Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education Mens 1st WO WIN
Football Mens 8th (Cheshire) Bangor University Mens 2nd 2 – 1 WIN
Football   Womens 1st Leeds Beckett University (Carnegie) Womens 2nd 4 – 2 Loss
Football   Womens 3rd University of Cumbria Womens 1st (Carlisle) 3 – 5 Loss
Football Womens 4th (Cheshire) Newcastle University Womens 2nd WO WIN
Hockey   Mens 3rd University of Leeds Mens 2nd WO Loss
Hockey   Womens 1st Bangor University Womens 1st 2 – 2 Loss (3 -1 on penalty flicks)
Hockey   Womens 2nd Durham University Womens 5th 0 – 2 Loss
Hockey   Womens 3rd Lancaster University Womens 3rd 0 – 1 Win
Lacrosse   Womens 1st University of Chester (Chester) Womens 1st 24 – 12 Loss
Lacrosse   Mens 1st Newcastle University Mens 1st 33 – 0 Loss
Netball   Womens 1st Durham University Womens 2nd 50 – 11 Win
Netball Womens 2nd (Cheshire) Liverpool Hope University Womens 1st 57 – 7 WIN
Netball   Womens 3rd Durham University Womens 3rd 28 – 29 Loss
Netball Womens 4th (Cheshire) University of Sheffield Womens 1st 17 – 52 LOSS
Netball   Womens 5th Leeds Trinity University Womens 1st 37 – 35 Win
Rugby League   Mens 1st University of Sheffield Mens 1st PP Postponed
Rugby League Mens 2nd (Cheshire) Lancaster University Mens 1st 26 – 38 WIN
Rugby Union   Mens 1st University of Glasgow Mens 1st 26 – 10 Loss
Rugby Union Mens 2nd (Cheshire) University of Cumbria Mens 1st 41 – 0 WIN
Rugby Union   Mens 3rd University of Chester (Chester) Mens 2nd 5 – 50 Win
Squash   Mens 1st Durham University Mens 1st WO Loss
Tennis   Mens 1st Leeds Beckett University (Carnegie) Mens 5th 10 – 2 Loss
Volleyball   Womens 1st University of Sheffield Womens 1st 0 – 3 Loss
Water Polo   Mens 1st University of Manchester Mens 1st 7 – 13 Win
Water Polo   Women’s 1st Lancaster 8 – 6 Win
Water Polo   Women’s 1st Northumbria 7 – 3 Loss

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