Spotlight On… Archery!

This week, we’re getting to know our Archery club a little bit better!

Based at our Cheshire campus, our Archery club enjoy regular success in BUCS and NEUAL, the North England University Archery League.  This year, the club are looking forward to hosting the NEUAL indoors in March, as well as competing in the BUCS Nationals in June.

Our Archery club at last year’s BUCS competition!

We spoke to Chair, Alison Douglas, to find out a little bit more about the club.

What’s the best part about being in your sports club?

“We constantly get told by other universities that MMU archery are like a family and it feels great to be part of that.”

How did your club do last year on and off the pitch?

“We got awarded the hosting of our indoors championships in our regional league, which is fantastic.”

What were the highs and lows from last season?

“We brought back six medals across both our competitions last year, which was fantastic.  I was really proud of the team for that.  The low part of season was that BUCS outdoors was bit wet; it rained constantly throughout the day and made the eight-hour competition last 12 hours.  But, even though it was terrible weather and people were miserable, we were part of the wettest BUCS outdoors on record!”

What are your hopes for 2015/16?

“We hope to impress our regional league with our hosting of NEUAL indoors.  We also want to increase our members so we are at least on par with what we had last year.

“In terms of our competitions, we’re hoping to continue our streak of bringing at least one medal from each competition back to MMU and keep the name of MMU going.  We also want to continue to build on our friendships with other universities and create bonds within our own.”

What on and off the pitch activities do you have coming up for your club?

“NEUAL indoors will be hosted at the Cheshire campus on 12th March 2016.  This is a club first, so we’re very excited about it.  We also have our BUCS Nationals in February and June and our NEUAL championships in November, March and June. We’re also organising various trips and activities to bond as a team.”

Thanks Alison!

To find out more about our Archery club, visit their website or give them a follow @MMU_Archery on Twitter!

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