Meet our Sport Volunteering Club of the Month: MMU Cheer Elite!

This month, we’re excited to announce that MMU Cheer Elite are our first ever Club of the Month!

This year, MMU Cheer Elite has over 60 members, who are split up into three individual teams – two competition teams and one performance team.

Our Cheer squad supporting our men's basketball team's game earlier this year!
Our Cheer squad supporting our men’s basketball team’s game earlier this month!

We caught up with the club to find out a little bit more about them, what they have been doing over the past month to help #MakeSportHappen, and why they think other clubs should take part in volunteering!

Tell us a little bit about the three teams within your club

“Our competitive teams work on difficult and skilled routines, consisting of tumbling, stunting, dance and jumps all done in a 2:30 minute routine.

“The performance team work on side line dances and chants, as well as a shorter routine to perform at half time for other MMU Sport teams, such as basketball and American football.”

What activities have your club been doing this month?


“We’ve been doing a lot of planning for the upcoming year. We’ve had a few problems along the way but, luckily, with how early we started we were able to deal with them and overcome it.

“At the start of the year, we held a number of taster and trials sessions that attracted a large amount of participation. We have also been planning events and fundraising so that we can increase the velocity of Cheerleading at MMU.

“So far, our performance team have attended the Hell Run, cheering in Angel outfits at the half way mark and handing out energy bars to the runners. We have also cheered at a couple of MMU basketball game, cheering on the sidelines during two very intense game, which they really enjoyed.

“The competitive teams have made positive progress already only one week in.”

What has been your favourite or standout moment of the month?

“Our personal favourite moment of the month was at trials watching girls who had never done cheerleading before attempting skills and, even if they did not succeed, continuing to show willingness and enthusiasm to learn. This dedication is one thing that you can’t teach in sport, and we are luck to enough to have a whole squad with those attitudes.”

Why should other clubs log their volunteering hours?

“It’s important to log your hours, because if you’ve spent on average four to five hours delivering a meeting, then gone home to do more work then it’s nice to be recognised for your hard work. Unless you log hours, no one’s going to know how hard you’ve worked other than yourself!”

If you want to find out more about our volunteering programme, including how to log your hours, then visit our website!

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