Campus League Roundup: Week Two

It’s back, it’s round two, and once again what a great week of Campus League 11-a-side football we have had! Let’s get stuck in!

Highlight game of the week

Our highlight game of the week was between HellCy and DLT. We went into this game with much anticipation following the performances of both teams last week. As the game started, we could instantly tell that the game would be fought within the midfield and it certainly was as both teams started very well.IMG_3795

HellCy started especially well going 2-0 up after some wonderful teamwork and passing, the sort that would make Barcelona jealous! But, DLT were not ones for giving up as they pressed on and managed to work the ball into the box, then dribble it around the keeper and net it making it 2-1.

From there onwards, it was neck and neck between the two teams with one team scoring and the other team quickly equalising. But, just before the half time whistle DLT make a swift counter-attack down the right wing with the player in control of ball dodging in and out of tackles to then square it into the centre of the box for his fellow team mate to score a tidy tap in to make the score 2-3 at halftime.

Heading into the second half, DLT kept their scoring boots on as they pushed higher up the pitch making the score line 2-4. After another brilliant attack from DLT, one of their players was hacked down inside the box and referee instantly pointed to spot! Up stepped the team’s captain and he calmly slotted the ball into the bottom right corner making the score 2-5.

HellCy were not up for giving up the fight as they broke off into a counter attack and played a superb 1-2 down the wing and crossing the ball into the box only for the DLT defenders to miss the ball and enable the HellCy player to tap the ball into the back of the net. 3-5.

Despite conceding a third goal DLT kept up the pressure and scored a further two goals bringing the game to a full time score of 3-7!

Blizzard FC making history!

It’s only been the second week of the season but Blizzard FC were making Campus League history as they became the first team in the history of the leagues to use 3 goalkeepers in one game!


Blizzard FC also showed that miracles do happen as Captain Danny came off at half time with pulled hamstring but the injured captain decided in the closing minutes of the game to go in goal as the other goalkeeper had to come off injured. By this time there were plenty of seagulls flapping around the pitches at Hough End but we weren’t expecting one to be in goal as Danny flapped and let the ball into the back of his net after being in goal for all of 10 seconds!

Player of the Week

Our Campus League player of the week goes to Blizzard FCs right back turned Manuel Neuer, Alex Maddox who took one for the team and played in goal for the first time in has campus league career and made some spectacular saves throughout the game (all without goalkeeping gloves) before going off injured! Alex Maddox well played!


Eton Messi


Wilmslow Park FC
FC Debrados of Fallowfield


Spartan Moscow


All Saints


FC Bottle Job


Murder on Zidane’s Floor
Cambridge FC


No Name FC
Birley FC


Greystar United.

You can view the League tables by visiting the top tournament website.

Good luck to all of the teams who will be playing next week! We are looking forward to seeing some more exciting performances!

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