MOVEMBER: Meet our team!

This year, our MMU Sport team will be taking part in Movember, growing (and in some cases, attempting to grow) moustaches all in aid of the Movember Foundation; a global charity committed to men living happier, healthier and longer lives. 

Since 2003, millions have joined the movement, raising £402 million and funding over 1,000 programmes focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity.
MMU Sport do Movember
With physical activity close to our hearts, this year, we’re excited about being part of the campaign.  Our members of staff  are going to be growing their mos and taking part in Movember’s brand new MOVE challenge – committing to some classy upper lip wear and a 30-day physical fitness challenge, all to champion men’s health.

So, without further ado, here’s our team!

Phil ‘The Tom Selleck’ Kynaston
Opportunities Manager


Movember veteran, Phil, thinks that he can give Tom Selleck’s lip warmer a run for its money this year.  After previously donning the horseshoe and the fu manchu, this year, he’s going for a big, bushy regular mo.

Phil ‘The Ali G’ Cook
Sport and Marketing Manager and Department International Co-ordinator (ESS)

Phil Cook

Another Movember veteran, also called Phil, has been told that when sporting a ‘tache he has an uncanny resemblance to Ali G.  With this in mind, this year Phil’s going for a good old handlebar and goatee combo.

Jérôme ‘The Ben Kingsley’ Read
Performance Sport Manager


New to MMU Sport and new to Movember, we’ve had some great suggestions for Jérôme’s mo donning alter ego, including Bronson!  For his first ever Movember challenge, Jérôme is planning to channel his inner Ben Kingsley and go for a simple, yet classic, pencil ‘tache.

Jonathan ‘The Ron Burgundy’ Fletcher
Sport Development Manager


After a poor attempt at the challenge a couple of Movembers ago, Jonathan’s back for another go.  At the moment, he’s the most excited member of staff about this month’s challenge.  Channeling his inner Ron Burgundy, Jonathan’s aiming to stay classy this month with a classic handlebar.

Darren ‘The Joey Barton’ Waldron
Sport Development Officer


Another Movember virgin, Darren’s slightly worried about how much mo he can actually grow.  Despite predicting that he’s going to only be able to grow something similar to Joey Barton, Darren’s got some grand designs on pulling off the iconic Salvador Dali.

Lewis ‘The White Goodman’ Flanagan
Marketing Intern


It’s been tough for Lewis, as he’s had to shave off a well-groomed beard for this year’s Movember challenge.  Even though he has an uncanny likeness to Luis Suárez, no amount of trawling the internet can unearth Suárez with more than a five o’clock shadow.  Lewis is going to be channeling his inner White Goodman, and aiming to finish Movember off with a handlebar and chin puff.

Tom ‘The Baby’ Jones
Sport Development Assistant

Tom jones

Poor Tom has been somewhat coerced into taking part in this year’s Movember challenge and it’s safe to say we’re not sure how much mo he’s going to grow.  In fact, when asked about this year’s challenge he quaked with fear and said “This is the worst time of the year for me…” So, if worst comes to worst, we’ll be donating Tom a stick on moustache at the end of the month.

Meet our Mo Sistas!

Supporting our team this year are our Mo Sistas, who are helpfully going to be sporting fake moustaches on a daily basis while committing to Movember’s brand new MOVE Challenge, by taking part in an Active Campus session (or other form of physical activity) on a daily basis and sharing their exploits over Twitter!

Sarah Hadlow
Coaching Officer


Alicia Green
Sport Coordinator


Victoria Edmondson
Sport Marketing and Communications Officer


Our Active Lifestyle Officer, Abi, will also be sporting her faux mo, when she’s feeling a little bit better!

To find out more about the challenge and to donate, visit our Mo Space!

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