Spotlight On… Cheer!

This week, we’re getting to know our Manchester-based Cheerleading club a little bit better!

Our Cheerleading squad are becoming a familiar sight on Wednesday afternoons (and the odd Sunday) on campus, cheering for our other teams!  After a great recruitment drive at Freshers, this year’s club features 64 members… and counting, with new members joining up every week!

CheerWhen they aren’t cheering for other teams, training and generally having a great time, our club are preparing for their two major competitions: Dream Xtreme and Future Cheer!

We spoke to MMU Cheer Elite’s Social Sec, Lizzie Fletcher-Byers, to find out a little bit more about the club!

What’s the best part about being in your sports club?

Some of the club at Freshers' Fair!
Some of the club at Freshers’ Fair!

“We accept men and women of all levels, so we have a wide range of training taking place for our three teams.  We are lucky enough to have two competition teams, one of which are current national champions, and a performance team!

“Being in the heart of Manchester means we can use high quality equipment on day trips and we also are able to take advantage of the local events that take place weekly.”

How did your club do last year on and off the pitch?

cheer bca
The squad at the BCA Cheer comp last year

“Our Level One All Girls team placed first at the annual BCA University Competition last season and we have been National Champions on different levels and competitions since 2013! We have also been lucky enough to attend and enjoy events such as Student Lock-In, the Dodgeball Charity event, Asda Black Friday and Parklife Festival as well as attend many games and tournaments such as American Football.”

What were the highs and lows from last season?

“Unfortunately, we lost our coach mid-season which was a massive blow to the team but we managed to pick ourselves up and our previous Chair – Alice Hobbs coached us and created two brand new routines for competition! Another high was the national attention we received for the changes to our uniform, we were the first University Team to switch to leggings!”

What are your hopes for 2015/16?

Our Cheer squad supporting our men's basketball team's game earlier this year!
Our Cheer squad supporting our men’s basketball team’s game earlier this season!

“We hope to be able to keep our national titles and gain more. We also hope to get more involved with the other teams in MMU Sport by supporting new teams at their most important matches!”

What on and off the pitch activities do you have coming up for your club?

“We have loads coming up with teams such as Basketball and American Football. We have our socials every other week as well, that include nights out as well as girly nights in!”

To find out more about our MMU Cheer Elite club, visit their website, find them on Facebook or follow @MMUCheerleading on Twitter!

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