Meet our sport scholar… Chloe Shepherd!

Meet Manchester Thunder U19 netballer, Chloe Shepherd!

Chloe Shepherd
We’re delighted to have Chloe on board with us this year, as she joins our fantastic cohort of netball players and sport scholars at MMU and takes up her position as GS for our netball 1st team!

On the court, Chloe competes and trains with Tameside Netball Club and Manchester Thunder U19 NPL team.  Off the court, she’s here at MMU studying Business Management.

We chatted to Chloe about how she got involved with netball and her hopes for the future.

What are your greatest sporting achievements?

“Winning the U16 National Championships and gaining Bronze and Silver at the National Championships.  It was also incredible to be part of the Manchester Thunder U19 team that won the NPL for two consecutive years.”

What are your notable achievements outside of sport?

“I won a Blue Peter badge as a child for drawing and I was chosen to interview Ed Miliband!”

How did you get involved with netball?

“When I was seven, me and two of my friends decided to join a netball team and even though it’s now eleven years later, I’ve never looked back!”

Why did you choose to study Business Management?

“I have always found business a fascinating topic to learn about and I hope that one day I will learn the correct entrepreneurial skills to open up my own business.”

What are your future ambitions and aspirations?

“To open and run my own successful business and continue to further my netball, hopefully representing England one day!”

Who has had the biggest influence on your life?

“My parents.  Without them I could not have followed my dreams successfully; my dad has been my taxi driver around the country for many years!”

What is the best part about being a high performance athlete?

“Being able to experience once in a lifetime opportunities and cherishing moments like winning the National Championships where all the hard work and the struggle becomes so worth it.”

What advice would you give to a young athlete?

“If you enjoy your sport, give it 110%.  You may never get this opportunity again and, if you are blessed with so much talent, embrace it.”

You can find out more about our sport scholarship programme by visiting our website.

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