Match Report: Men’s Rugby Union 2nds secure their place in the next round

Yesterday saw our Men’s Rugby Union 2nd team take five wins from five games and book their spot in the next round of the BUCS Northern Conference Plate.

Max Clements brings us the match report from yesterday’s game.

Photograph by James Brewerton.

Prior to kick-off, both teams lined up on the centre of the pitch to engage in two minutes of silence as a service of remembrance for Armistice day, a fantastic show of respect from both teams.

The first 10-15 minutes of the game saw no team managing to retain possession for more than 2-3 minutes. The pitch was packed full of energy with both teams clearly hungry for victory.

The first try came from MMU’s Toby Russell-Vick as a result of a turnover from a scrum with Elliot Rowe able to offload the ball to Jimmy Creighton who, in turn, offloaded the ball to Toby Russell-Vick displaying some lovely interplay and sending the ball home for the first try of the match, followed by a typically beautiful conversion from our kicker, Jimmy Creighton. 7-0!!

TRY!!!!!! Toby Russell-Vick once again establishing his presence on the pitch. A penalty had been awarded to MMU just shy of the 25 minute mark. A series of quick-fire phases resulted in an overlap, allowing Toby to score his second of the match, but unfortunately the conversion could not be made, so the score remained 12-0

TRY!!!!! And once again, Toby Russell-Vick secures his hat-trick of tries as a result of a beautiful set-piece carried out by MMU. This all came about from a very controlled scrum, set about by Lewis Stockman, which allowed the boys to send the ball through for another well-deserved try. It would only seem fitting that Jimmy Creighton could achieve the conversion and he does so, showing great discipline. 19-0 to MMU.

In the 40th minute, just as the referee is about to blow the whistle for half-time, the oppositions number 22 gifts a penalty to MMU and Jimmy Creighton, once again sends the ball home to make it 22-0.

Photograph by James Brewerton

HALF-TIME – the team gather on the pitch for some words from the captain, Elliot Rowe using his authority on the field to inspire the team to continue this outstanding effort being shown by all the players.

The second half begins with a deep kick into the oppositions half from Elliot Rowe and, much like the first half, for the first 15 minutes, both teams continue to fight for possession, the end result being a TRY from our on-form kicker, Jimmy Creighton. What started off as a typically powerful scrum from MMU, this gave Lewis Stockman the ability to break the blindside, offloading the ball to Alistair Lang. a tackle was made and this gave Jimmy the opportunity to find a tight line and secure his first try of the match. The successful conversion meant the score sat comfortably at 29-0.

TRY!!!! Jimmy Creighton showed his precise alertness, eye-balling the opposition’s number 22 who attempted to chip him. Jimmy was quick in catching the ball and sending it home once again for another try. The incompleted conversion meant the score stood at 34-0.

The energy on the pitch has been electric throughout and that was becoming visible more and more as the game went on. The captain, Elliot Rowe received a yellow card, meaning he was off for 10 minutes due to an accidental high boot. This gave our regular captain Dan Gibbon the opportunity to come on and his presence made an instant impact with the level of aggression from both sides continuing to grow. What a game of rugby this is turning out to be.

26 minutes into the second half and the opposition concede another penalty in our own ‘22’ and Lewis Stockman reacted quickly with a quick tap and an offload to the leading try-scorer Toby, creating a 2 on 1 against their full-back with Alistair Lang who received the ball and ran 60m to score his first try of the game. The score now, is 39-0 as a result of another incomplete conversion. The angle was tight and the ball hit the post, very unlucky indeed.

At the 72 minute mark the opposition scored a very respectable try, finding a rare gap in our strong defence. Credit where credit is due, however they were unable to convert the try but they seemed to remain in high spirits, giving everything they’ve got. 39-5.

77 minutes and would you believe it, TRY!!!!! Stephen Bird getting his name on the scoresheet with an impressive run of play, successfully converted by Jimmy once again, 46-5.

Just like the first half, the referee is about to blow the whistle and Elliot Rowe steams in to score his try making the final score 51-5 due to an incomplete conversion. No love is lost though for victory belongs to MMU.

A fantastic show of respect is displayed by both teams after the game for each other and the referee. MMU continue to grow as a team and they seem unstoppable. It has been a great game to watch and the team, as a whole, are looking forward to their next fixture already. But first they will no doubt celebrate their victory and they absolutely deserve to.

For more photographs from the game, visit James Brewerton’s FlickR page.

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