Meet our sport scholar… Martin Schweizer!

Meet swimmer, Martin Schweizer.

Martin Schweizer

We’re delighted to be supporting swimmer, Martin Schweizer, for a second consecutive year.  Originally from Switzerland, Martin holds the Swiss national record for the 50m and 100m breaststroke and has been named Swiss national champion on numerous occasions.

Currently in his third year of International Business and Marketing, Martin is competing for MMU with our Swimming Club, representing the institution at this weekend’s BUCS Short Course and the BUCS Long Course event in February.

Meet Martin Schweizer from MMU Sport on Vimeo.

Martin is also training and competing with the City of Manchester Aquatics Swim Team (COMAST), based at the Manchester Aquatics Centre.

Last year was a fantastic year for Martin, as his sport took him to the FINA World Championships in Kazan and the World University in Gwangju.

Martin preparing for Gwangji 2015 (via
Martin preparing for Gwangji 2015 (via

We spoke to Martin about his swimming career and how he got involved with the sport!

What are your notable achievements outside of sport?

“I’m a qualified draughtsman in building construction and I can speak four languages – Swiss German, German, English and French.”

How did you get involved with swimming?

“As a child, I was terrified by water.  A patient swim teacher helped me to overcome my fear of water and from that day forward I really enjoyed swimming.”

Why did you choose to study International Business and Marketing?

“I have many interests and a combined honours degree was really appealing to me as it provides variety.”

What are your future ambitions and aspirations?

“All of my focus and energy is aimed towards my near future: I want to earn a first class degree at MMU and qualify for the Olympic Games in Rio 2016.”

Who has had the biggest influence on your life?

“Many people had an influence on my life. However, my grandfather and parents probably had and still have the biggest influence on my life and are supporting me in achieving my goals and fulfilling my dreams.”

What is the best part about being a high performance athlete?

“It is difficult to pick just one thing, as there are so many good things about being a high performance athlete. However, I enjoy travelling a lot. Thanks to my sport I’m able to travel the world and meet many people with different background and different culture. I think travelling broadens the horizon and enriches the mind.

“Another great part about being an athlete is the pre-race feeling. It’s difficult to explain, but probably a mix between adrenalin, focus, fear, confidence, and many other emotions. Hopefully other athletes will know what I am talking about!”

What advice would you give to a young athlete?

“Have a dream and enjoy every second of the journey that brings you closer to fulfilling that dream. Be patient; Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

You can find out more about our sport scholarship programme by visiting our website and keep up-to-date with Martin on Twitter and Facebook.

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