Tom Tries: Squash

Our Sports Development Assistant, Tom Jones, is back for another instalment of #TomTries! 

This week, Tom gave squash a go! Read how he thought the session went.

This week I had a go at playing squash. The session runs from 5:00pm until 6:20pm every Tuesday down at the Sugden Sports Centre. Myself, Vic and Darren decided to head down after work. Having only played squash once before in my life, I was dreading it was going to be another Tom tries Badminton all over again…

…It was. One of the thing that I didn’t realise was how fast paced it was and that reactions are key to playing well. My first technique was just hitting it as hard as I could against any of the four walls and hoping for the best. I seemed to find it difficult judging where the ball was heading after it came off the side walls. Admittedly, squash has never really interested me, but once I started getting into it and learnt to actually hit the ball properly, I eventually started to enjoy it! As you can see in the video I fell over a few times which I was embarrassed about, but I just got back up and carried on with it. I noticed when editing the video that if you put anything in slow motion it looks ten times better, even the worse of shots (that’s why I don’t look as bad as I am). Throwing it out there, the last shot was definitely not a miss hit…

Overall, it’s a great workout and we were all aching the next day. I really want to play again I have agreed with Darren that we’ll make use of the session and play every Tuesday evening from now on. I’m determined that the more I play the better I will get.

Like all the other Active Campus sessions, all you need to bring is your sportswear and student ID which our dedicated squash activator Rob will scan at the start of the session. All the equipment is provided and is totally beginner friendly.

To take part in our Active Campus badminton sessions in Manchester, pop over to Sugden Sports Centre every Tuesday 5:00pm – 6:20pm and Sunday 13:30pm-15:30pm

For more information on our Active Campus programme, visit our website.

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