MOVEMBER: MoBro Update

At the start of the month, we announced that we are taking part in Movember. This meant that some of our MMU Sport team had to clean shave and grow (or in some cases, attempt to grow) a moustache and raise money for the Movember Foundation. Let’s take a look at how our MoBro’s are getting along!

MMU Sport do Movember

If you haven’t yet make sure you check out our first Movember blog post to find out who our MoBro’s are aiming to model their moustaches after!

Phil ‘The Tom Selleck’ Kynaston

Opportunities Manager


Movember veteran, Phil has not let us down! Wearing a very impressive tache this year, he certainly has the biggest moustache out of the whole MMU Sport team!

Phil ‘The Ali G’ Cook

Sport and Marketing Manager and Department International Co-ordinator (ESS)


Another one of our Movember veterans, Phil Cook proves that he means business by sporting this excellent horseshoe moustache!

Jérôme ‘The Ben Kingsley’ Read

Performance Sport Manager


Although goatees are banned under the Movember rules and regulations, we’re letting Jérôme off with this one though as his goatee game is strong!

Jonathan ‘The Ron Burgundy’ Fletcher

Sport Development Manager


Okay, this photo does not do Jonathan much justice, but his moustache is very striking in person! It would make any moustache enthusiast jealous!

Darren ‘The Joey Barton’ Waldron

Sport Development Officer


Despite not feeling confident about how his moustache would grow, Darren is pleased so far with his moustache. He has even declared that he cannot wait to see what it will look like at the end of the month.

Lewis ‘The White Goodman’ Flanagan

Marketing Intern


Lewis is well on his way to becoming White Goodman, sporting a good-looking handlebar moustache and a soul patch.

Tom ‘The Baby’ Jones

Sport Development Assistant


There might not be much to look at here, but Tom is trying his hardest to grow a moustache we promise!

To find out more information about the challenge and to donate to us, visit our Mo Space!

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