Carmen’s Boxing Blog; Week Six!

It’s her fifth week on our Get Into boxing course and our guest writer Carmen Shallcross is here to tell us what she got on.

We had been quite lucky the last few weeks, so another tough set of abs and push-ups were in store for us.

I suffered from some kind of bout of bad luck though, with the minivan nearly leaving without me and all the pads and gloves I chose were completely worn out: I was whipped in the face by a loose strap, my knuckles were in pain because of a lack of padding in an old glove and, the last pair, finally my size, had the least sticky Velcro ever.


This week’s skills practice continued on from last week’s training, pairing up for combinations and taking turns with pads and gloves. We practised all the punches we knew but, this time round, while moving backwards and forwards to help us improve our footwork too.

We squeezed in another few rounds of exercises at the end of the session… It is so difficult to hold a plank after six rounds of boxing combos.

Unfortunately, our Get Into boxing course is now sold but if you want to try boxing on our Manchester campus, you can through the  MMU Boxing Club.

If you fancy giving boxing a go on our Cheshire campus, you can through our free Active Campus boxing sessions! The sessions are run by our own MMU Cheshire Boxing Club. Simply pop over to Gymnasium every Monday between 5:00pm and 6:00pm and every Friday between 6:00pm and 7:00pm. You can find more information on our website

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