#MakeSportHappen: Meet our club of the month, MMU Archery!

This month, we’re excited to announce that MMU Archery are our Club of the Month!


This year, our Archery club are continuing to advocate the sport across both of our campuses, supporting their club members through the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) competitions and the North England University Archery League (NEUAL), as well as helping other students try something new through our Active Campus programme.

We caught up with club secretary, Emily Macbeth, to find out a little bit more about them, what they do to help #MakeSportHappen and why they think other clubs should take part in volunteering!

Tell us as a little bit about your club.

“We are the archery club and we do archery – we shoot pointy things at targets! We compete in a league called North England University Archery League (NEUAL) and in our nationals at BUCS.

“We have approximately 18 members across both campuses. Our club is run by a committee of students who are avid archers and have a passion for the sport that is filtered through our members and Active Campus participants.”

What activities have your club been doing this month?

“We volunteer through Active Campus, allowing students and staff members at MMU to relieve their stresses by shooting the pointy things and having fun while doing so.

“We have two competitions this month (it’s our busiest month of the year), one match on November 14th at Lancaster where we shot against Lancaster and UCLAN. We have our Novice Championships on November 28th where our novices will get a chance to compete with archers from across the league for medals.”

What has been your favourite or standout moment of the month?

“Our stand out moment has been our socials where we get to socialise as a team and create bonds both on and off the range. We also decided on our annual tour where we get to relax as friends.”

Why should other clubs log their volunteering hours?

“It is important for committees and volunteers to log their hours because it can show employers what work you have done, increasing your employability. It can also show what you are capable of and help increase your skill set.

“Also, when you log your hours you get rewarded when you hit a certain threshold, and if you log enough hours you can gain access to free or reduced courses provided by the University which will further increase your employability.”

If you want to find out more about our volunteering programme, including how to log your hours, then visit our website!


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