#MakeSportHappen: Meet our volunteer of the month, Ross Sharman!

This month, we’re getting to know our November volunteer of the month, Ross Sharman, a little bit better!

Ross is another one of our most dedicated volunteers who, over his past few years at MMU, has developed the Taekwondo club from the ground up.

We spoke to Ross about his involvement with the club and his motivation for volunteering.


What volunteering activities have you been involved in over the last month?

“Over the last month, I have been involved in teaching and instructing MMU ITF Taekwondo two to three times a week, assisting Grand Master Paul Liversidge at the MMU ITF Taekwondo seminar and helping teach a childrens’ taster at the MMU Birley Community Day.”


What has been your favourite / stand out moment?

“This month, I’d say teaching the Taekwondo club in preparation for the competition calendar and their upcoming gradings.  It’s been a joy to see everyone progress and passionately train in the sessions, and it makes me feel very proud of how well they are coming along.

“It was also an incredible experience to assist and organise the Canadian Grand Master Paul Liversidge seminar. To get someone of such high status to come all the way to our club and teach us was an honour and rare occasion.

“Being able to provide these type of opportunities for MMU Taekwondo is something I am very passionate about and glad that I have achieved this for them.”


Why should other students consider volunteering in sport?

£I think students should consider volunteering in sport because it provides them with opportunities and chances to individuals who perhaps wouldn’t be able to afford or take part in the activities without the volunteer’s input. When coaches or instructors volunteer, it helps clubs massively meaning they can concentrate on other aspects without being restricted by extra costs of hiring externally.

“It’s also such a rewarding experience to see the individuals you work with grow and achieve.  Seeing people progress is a great feeling. Volunteers are instrumental in the success of clubs and the running of them.  The more people that help out clubs, the better the experience and opportunities the club can provide, making it a greater all-round experience for all those taking part.”

To find out more about our Sport Volunteering programme, visit our website.

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