Campus League Roundup: Week Four

After last week’s games were called off due to poor pitch conditions, the 11-a-side football teams were dying to play in week four of our Campus League.

Highlight game of the week

Our highlight game of the week was between Greystar United and Lallana in Pyjamas. With both teams itching to get their first win of the season, we predicted that this game could be a turning point to one of the teams if they got the all-important three points.


From the start, Greystar United seemed to dominate Lallana in Pyjamas although this could be down to the fact that the defending team started the game with ten players on their team as one of their players was late to show up! Greystar United used this to their advantage as around fifteen minutes into the game, striker Evan Otway managed to curl his shot into the right hand side of the goal, assisted by Sean Hyde.

After conceding the goal, the late Lallana in Pyjamas player turned up and this instantly balanced out the game with Lallana in Pyjamas playing some great attacking football.

The match suddenly turned into a Fifa style, end-to-end game with both teams looking to attack. Greystar United nearly went 2-0 up but unfortunately, for them their striker Evan Otway had a nightmare as he scuffed his left footed shot, causing the ball to go well wide of an open goal. This prompted a collection of groans from his teammates and for the referee to offer the forward his glasses!


After that terrible attempt on goal, Lallana in Pyjamas went on a superb attack, which some observers on the touchline described as “Barcelona-esque”, and after a great shot on goal, the Greystar United keeper denied them. This caused some of the Greystar United defenders to hit out at the teams manager telling him to “sort out the formation”.

“Sort out the formation this is terrible!”

At the half time whistle the game stood at 1-0 to Greystar United.

The second half began the same way as the first half finished with both teams attacking. The game suddenly changed however, after Greystar United whipped the ball into the box from a corner and unfortunately for one of the Lallana in Pyjamas defenders, he put the ball into the back of his own net. 2-0.

For the rest of the game Lallana in Pyjamas were constantly on the attack but kept being stopped by the powerful and well-organised Greystar United defence.

Before the final whistle, Greystar United went on one more attack and just as they were clear on goal, their player was hacked down in the box and the referee instantly pointed to the penalty spot. Up stepped Callan Hackett and he slotted the ball into the bottom left of the goal as cool as a cucumber. 3-0.


The game finished 3-0 to Greystar United as they take their first three points of the season and climb further up the league table. Once again, Lallana in Pyjamas showed great spirit, attacking right to the end of the game.

Touchline analogy of the week

Okay, so we all know that there are some good and let’s be honest some terrible analogies in football and more so in Campus Leagues! Our analogy of the week goes to one supporter of Greystar United as she stated:

“It’s like telling a wall to…stand still”

Player of the week

Our player of the week has to go towards the Spartan Moscow player Michael showed great skill to play football whilst at the same time being on the phone to his “wifey”. Michael then went on to score and has told us that his goal was in fact dedicated to his “wifey”.

Elsewhere in the league

Let’s take a look at the scores from the other games that took place in week four.

All Saints 4 – 6 FC Debrados of Fallowfield
DLT 8 – 1 Wilmslow Park FC
HellCy 6 – 0 Blizzard
Spartan Moscow 0 – 6 Eton Messi
Birley FC 4 – 2 No Name FC
Lallana in Pyjamas 0 – 3 Greystar United
Murder on Zidane’s Floor 2 – 5 FC Bottle Job

Unfortunately, there was one injury this week sustained by Theo. We would like to wish Theo a speedy recovery.

You can view the league tables and the upcoming fixtures for week five of Campus Leagues by visiting the top tournament website.

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