Nutrition workshops designed exclusively for our sport scholars!

This term, we’re delighted to offer our sport scholars the opportunity to take part in a series of nutrition workshops as part of their scholarship package!

Our weekly sessions take place at our Hollings Faculty on Thursday afternoons and are led by Dr Emilia Thompson, lecturer in sports nutrition at Manchester Metropolitan University.

The workshops are designed to help you recognising the benefits that sports nutrition has to help you to prepare, perform and recover from exercise to ensure that you get the most out of every session.

Delivering the right nutrition, at the right time, can delay the onset of fatigue during training, improve athletic achievement and enhance adaptation for improve future success.

Tomorrow’s session focuses on post-workout nutrition that is simple and affordable to prepare.  Participants will be preparing the following two dishes:

  • Greek-style chicken with salad
  • Healthy chicken tenders with smoky sweet potato wedges

Our sport scholars, Aine Curran and Jess Crampton took part in last week’s session.

Aine said, “It’s an athlete-specific workshop that teaches us how to create nutritional meals on a low-budget, tailored to our own needs and diet plans.  The session was full of tips and tricks for cooking at home and, as a bonus, we got to take home what we made in the class!

Jess said, “The cooking workshop last week was really good fun and we got lots of food to take home with us.  There were some third year students helping to lead the class, which was really useful.  The whole session was good fun, with easy recipes and helpful tips about alternative ingredients – I would really recommend it!”

If you are a sport scholar at MMU and interested in taking part in tomorrow’s nutrition session between 2pm and 4pm, please get in touch with Callum Jones on