Carmen’s Boxing Blog; Week Seven!

Our guest writer, Carmen Shallcross, is back to tell us how she is progressing on our Get Into boxing course!

Only two of us turned up for the session this week and, as MMU Sport were running their #ThisMMUGirlCan campaign again, I couldn’t miss it.

We focused on technique and went straight into combinations and footwork. After a two rounds of combinations we were familiar with, we learnt some new punches: left and right hook to the body. These new punches involve slipping to the side, so even more to think about!


Once my turn with gloves was over, I had no time to relax as holding pads for someone much taller than you involves some serious arm pain!

The combinations we practised this session were also more fun regarding padding, as we got to move forward, encouraging our partner to hit back and, with so many different punches (hooks, uppercuts, and punches to the body) we had to really concentrate to move the pads in the right direction.


Coach went easy on the fitness workout this time and, apparently, we seem fitter!

Unfortunately, our Get Into boxing course is now sold but if you want to try boxing on our Manchester campus, you can through the  MMU Boxing Club.

If you fancy giving boxing a go on our Cheshire campus, you can through our free Active Campus boxing sessions! The sessions are run by our own MMU Cheshire Boxing Club. Simply pop over to Gymnasium every Monday between 5:00pm and 6:00pm and every Friday between 6:00pm and 7:00pm. You can find more information on our website

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