Carmen’s Boxing Blog; Week Eight!

It’s our final installment of Carmen’s boxing blog! Let’s see how Carmen got on this week!

Our last week! With a quick warm-up and focusing on combinations and footwork practice, our last session was a great chance to correct our technique.

We practised combinations in pairs with a few tricky moves –switch of attack, rolling away, and it was so useful to get some individual attention from the coaches, not only for punches, but also when holding the pads. They were quick to correct us, but also great at encouraging us when we got it right. My rotation wasn’t great at first but my padding is good!


It has been an intense course which has shown me how demanding a simple one-hour session can be. So much concentration goes into boxing: getting the technique right, remembering the combination; and so, so much fitness. As the coach said this week, at this level, it’s all about the fitness.

It was great to see how we were all more confident, enjoying the workout and trying our hardest to keep up. After the session, a motivational speech from one of the coaches had us all feeling nostalgic when we had not even left the gym yet.


Who knows, if the comms route fails, perhaps I could become a professional padding partner?

Want to try something new next term? Why not take a look at our Get Into courses!

If you want to give boxing a try at our Manchester campus, check out MMU Boxing Club.

If you fancy giving boxing a go on our Cheshire campus, you can through our free Active Campus boxing sessions! The sessions are run by our own MMU Cheshire Boxing Club. For more information visit our website

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