Campus League Roundup: Week Six

There may have only been a handful of games taking place this week in our campus league 11-a-side football but they certainly proved to be some of the most entertaining games we have seen so far this season!

There was goals galore in one our games and a wonder goal over in another! Without further ado, let’s get things started!

Highlight game of the week

FC Bottle Job were hoping to bounce back this week after their loss last week against No Name FC. However, the game was going to be challenging as they were up against second place Cambridge FC, who have won every that they have played so far this season!

The referee blew the whistle to commence the first half. Both teams started strong as they both attacked their oppositions defence as soon as they gained possession of the ball. The game suddenly changed when an FC Bottle Job player took a strike on at goal which rattled off the crossbar but fortunately for him it landed at the feet of his teammate, Alex Qualter, who managed to place the ball into the goal. Instantly the Cambridge FC players raised their arms and voiced to the referee that the goal should not count, as they felt Qualter was offside. Unfortunately for Cambridge FC, the linesmen was not paying attention and was unable to inform the referee. This forced the referee to give the goal. 1-0.


After another FC Bottle Job attack, a Cambridge FC defender managed to clear the ball out of the play to concede a corner. The corner was swung in and FC Bottle Job player, Cian, managed to head home to make it 2-0.

Cian’s first goal gave him a massive boost of confidence as after an attack down the right wing FC Bottle Job placed managed to place the ball across to the middle of the box for Cian to place into the bottom right of the goal and double up his goal tally. 3-0.


FC Bottle Job kept their foot on the pedal as they went on attack after attack. They managed to win a free kick around 23 yards from goal. The players prepared for the set piece. Chris Austin swung the ball into the box as the Cambridge FC keeper shouted to claim the ball; he fumbled as the ball ended up bounced off the ground and into the net. Austin shocked by his goal was swamped by his teammates as they celebrated their 4-0 lead.

Cambridge FC weren’t giving up this easily as they carried on attacking FC Bottle Job. Their hard work eventually paid off as they passed a low ball from the left wing to the middle of the pitch for Evan Hughes to place into the bottom right first time. 4-1.

The first goal gave Cambridge a surge of confidence as they dominated possession and pressed higher up the pitch.  They managed to work the ball into the box and after a scuffle with the FC Bottle Job defenders, they managed to force one of their players to place the ball into his own net! Unlucky son. 4-2.

The referee blew for half time as both the teams gathered for half time water and oranges.

Cambridge FC kicked off the second half the same way they finished it by attacking the FC Bottle Job defence. Unluckily for them they were caught on the counter attack by FC Bottle Job whose player managed to weave around the incoming tackles to place the ball into the centre of the goal. 5-2.DSCF7150

Cambridge managed to win a free kick in the exact same place that FC Bottle Job did in the first half. Could they do the same as their opposition by scoring from this set piece? Christy McCorry stepped up to plate as he whipped the ball into the box, except the ball was not dipping as it curled into the top right of the goal! 5-3.

The game continued with end-to-end football as the score line grew and grew, 6-3, 7-3 and eventually the game ended up finishing 7-4 to FC Bottle Job as they managed to beat the undefeated Cambridge FC.

Player of the week

Our player of the week goes to the Lallana in Pyjamas player, James Massey who managed to score directly to from taking a corner! We later spoke to the wonder goal scorer who told us:

“It wasn’t the wind I promise!”

We believe you James…

Elsewhere in the league

Let’s take a look at the scores from other games that took place in week six.

Wednesday 9th December

 FC Bottle Job 7-4 Cambridge FC
 Murder on Zidane’s Floor  0-6  Birley FC
 Lallana in Pyjama’s  5-4  No Name FC
 All Saints  6-0  Wilmslow Park FC
 HellCy  2-6  Eton Messi
 DLT  6-0  Spartan Moscow
 FC Debrados of Fallowfield  0-6  Blizzard

There are no games taking place on the 16th December. Fixtures will continue on Wednesday 20th January.

Wednesday 20th January

Eton Messi


All Saints


FC Debrados of Fallowfield


Wilmslow Park FC


Spartan Moscow
No Name FC


Greystar United
Murder on Zidane’s Floor


Lallana in Pyjamas
Birley FC


Cambridge FC

You can view the league tables by visiting the top tournament website.

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