#MakeSportHappen: meet our club of the month, MMU Dodgeball!

This month, we’re excited to announce that we have not one, but two clubs of the month!

Let us introduce you to our Manchester-based dodgeball club!


Our dodgeball club are brand new for this academic year, after forming because of our Active Campus programme!   On the court, our dodgeball club compete in tournaments around the country throughout the year and continue to look to expand the interest in the sport by supporting the Active Campus programme.

What sort of activities have the club been doing this month?

“We have competed in one tournament so far this year and placed fifth at the University Championships. We are looking forward to compete in multiple more this year and hopefully win a non-league tournament.

“We enjoy volunteering and helping out as much as we can and have recently helped the Great Manchester College Games, Active Campus tournaments and MMU Netball’s Disco Dodgeball charity event.”

What has been your favourite or stand out moment of the month?

“Our favourite moment was competing at the biggest tournament of the year, the University Championships North and placing fifth.

“This was a great result for such a new team competing against some very experienced teams across the country. We caused some major upsets and gained respect from some of the best university dodgeball players and teams.”

Why should other clubs log their volunteering hours?

“Other clubs should log their hours to be congratulated and commended for their efforts! Their work should be recognised and logged. “

To find out more about our volunteering programme and how you can log your hours as a club, visit our website and to keep up to date with our Basketball club, follow @MMUDodgeball on Twitter! 

Meet our other club of the month for December – MMU Basketball!

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