#MakeSportHappen: meet our volunteer of the month, Fiona Finchett!

This month, we’re getting to know our November volunteer of the month, Fiona Finchett!

workplace games

Fiona studies Graphic Design at Manchester Metropolitan University and, over the last couple of months, has been an integral part of the volunteer team who worked on the Greater Manchester College Games!

We spoke to Fiona about her experiences as a volunteer with us!

What volunteering activities have you been involved in over the last month?

“Over November, I helped to plan the Greater Manchester College Games, as part of the marketing team.  This involved a lot of social media and graphic design work that needed to be done before the event.

“I helped set up the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, and create a logo to finalise the new brand identity we were creating.  I also designed posters, a map and signage for the sports centre on the day of the event.

“During the event, I was in charge of the Instagram platform, creating a buzz about the College Games, taking photographs, videos and mini interviews with participants.  I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the event and have looked into more volunteering roles since.

“I am a MMU Sport Volunteer Photographer. I photographed at the Sugden Sports Centre one Wednesday and loved it. I am wanting to do more when the opportunity comes about. Recently, I have joined as a Youth Club Volunteer for Community on Solid Ground, starting in September.

“Furthermore, I am also going to be working as a Sports Project Marketing Officer with North Manchester Sports and Activity Forum designing advertising literature for local clubs sessions if and when they require them. After Christmas, I will look into becoming a Swim Coach Assistant and Swim Competition Volunteer for Swim Trafford.”

What has been your favourite or stand out moment about volunteering?

“I am only in first year and just started applying to opportunities, however the entire experience working with MMU Sport Volunteering so far has been enjoyable. I am sure I will carry on signing up to new things as the years go on.

“Creating the Map for the Sudgen Sports Centre during the planning for the Greater Manchester College Games has been my favourite moment. I was chuffed that I was able to create a new identity for the event but also linking it to the MMU Sport theme.  I was not the only person who was shocked at the resemblance and got some good feedback from the MMU Sport Staff.  This experience has helped my skills in graphic design, responding to briefs, fitting specifications and dealing with clients in a professional way.

Why should other students consider volunteering in sport?

“Volunteering is great for your CV, great for experience and great for socialising – all the obvious things, but also, a plus for many other different reasons, like trying something new.

“Whatever opportunity you want to take part in, may be a different experience from what you are studying at university, and will create a balance.  Helping you take a step back from the stress of your studies.

“Volunteering may not be as good as a job in your eyes, but because most of the opportunities are either temporary or do not require much time commitment, you are able to throw in a few at a time. Furthermore, some volunteering work may lead to a job in the end and may provide you with an insight into what you want to do in the future.”

To find out more about our volunteering programme, visit our website!

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