Spotlight On… Men’s Hockey!

In this week’s Spotlight On… we’re getting to know our Cheshire-based Men’s Hockey club a little bit better!

It’s a great year for hockey at MMU, and the BUCS Northern 2A is looking distinctly orange and blue with our men’s first and second teams dominating the top spots, neck and neck on 12 points.

We spoke to club chair, Joseph Coburn, to find out a little bit more about the club.

What’s the best part about being in your sports club?

“The social aspect and the team cohesion.”

How did your club do last year on and off the pitch?

“We finished third last year in the league, and got knocked out of the cup in the last 16. We integrated many freshers last year having over 20 members.”

What were the highs and lows from last season?

“The high was the amount of integration and cohesion at the club. The low was getting knocked out of the club that early.”

What are your hopes for 2015/16?

“We’re aiming to win the league and cup double.”

Q13: What on and off the pitch activities do you have coming up for your club?

We’ve got league fixtures and the quarter finals of the cup, and a couple of team building event planned including paint balling and tour!”

Thanks Joseph!

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