Tom Tries: Table Tennis

Our Sports Development Assistant, Tom Jones, went down to our Active Campus table tennis session the other day. Take a look at how he got on!

In the first week back from the Christmas break, I attended our table tennis session. I’ve always enjoyed playing table tennis, never been the best as you can see but it’s a pretty fun game to play. I’ve always struggled with putting power and top spin on the ball, it never seems to hit the other side of the table!

The session is located in the Student Unions main hall, this brings a great social and relaxed vibe to the session. Unlike most activity venues, there is the opportunity to have food and a drink whilst you play! David, our dedicated Activator always makes the session’s fun and gets everyone involved! He’s even been involving pots, pans and a foam dice at sessions. Not too sure exactly what he’s doing with them but I will definitely be making a trip down to the Union on my lunch again soon to see what’s going on!

In December we had our very own UV table tennis event which had a great turnout, it looked pretty cool. Off the back of the Active Campus sessions students who have attended the sessions have now set up an MMU Table Tennis club which are doing well in their first season! From a development view, it’s been great seeing the sport growing at the university all off the back of our recreational programme. If you fancy playing some more competitive Table Tennis contact David at the session and he will sort you out!

Like all of our Active Campus sessions, the equipment is provided. All you need to do is bring your student ID and be scanned in when you turn up!

You can take part in our Active Campus Table Tennis sessions on our Manchester campus every Monday between 12:00pm – 2:00pm and every Friday between 12:00pm – 2:00pm at the main hall in the Student Union.

For more information about Active Campus, visit our website.


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