#MakeSportHappen: meet our Volunteer of the Month, Reuben Mitchell!

This month’s Volunteer of the Month is an extra special one, as our chosen volunteer, Reuben Mitchell, has been awarded the RFU Value the Volunteer award, recognising his incredible contribution to the sport!

Reuben with fellow volunteers at the Crewe and Nantwich SSP Festival


Within his role as Game Finder over the last year, Reuben has brought 24 players to Crewe and Nantwich RUFC, playing in the club’s second and third teams this season, as well as helping our Cheshire-based men’s rugby union club finish the first half of their season at the top of their BUCS league!

Off the pitch, Reuben is also one of six members from the MMU club who helped facilitate two tag rugby events with over 300 children from years 3 to 6, and a year 7 development day at Manchester RFC with five schools attending!

So, over to Reuben to tell us a little bit more about what he’s been up to!

What volunteering activities have you been involved in over the last few months?

“Since I’ve been at Manchester Metropolitan University, I’ve helped out our local club and our university club by volunteering as an RFU Game Finder, a role that consists of finding weekend games for players at University while also allowing the local club to link with the University’s team through me.

Reuben and the rest of our Cheshire-based men’s rugby union team

“This opportunity helped a few of the University’s players push into second and first team games within higher leagues.  Alongside this, I’ve also done some coaching courses and I’m currently doing my level two rugby coaching course.”

What has been your favourite moment of volunteering?


“My favourite moment from my volunteering experience was definitely helping coach and teach some year 3 and 4 children rugby at the Crewe and Nantwich SSP Festival.  There was some great rugby played and everyone really got involved, which was great!”

What would you say are the benefits of volunteering in sport?

“Volunteering in sport has definitely helped me understand my own performance better, because of the access I’ve had to coaching courses.  It has allowed me to see from a coach’s view and understand how to better myself on and off the pitch.

“Apart from that, volunteering has just been a massive confidence boost and has definitely made me into a more outgoing person.”

What does winning the RFU award mean to you?

“I’m still shocked that I got it, if I’m honest!  It’s overwhelming and means so much, because I always imagined myself as the person who never wins these kind of things.  I actually thought I hadn’t won it, until an email came through congratulating me.

“But most importantly, it was thanks to Julian Guilding from the RFU that I got nominated in the first place.  He’s helped out our team at University so much too, as well as offering lots of opportunities for everyone to get involved.”

Why should other students log their volunteering hours with MMU Sport?

“I think people should log their hours because it’s fairly simple to do, and you get rewards for doing something you originally signed up to do for nothing – it’s a win, win situation!”

To find out more about our Sport Volunteering programme and what opportunities are on offer, visit our website.


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