#MakeSportHappen: here’s our top 10!

Last term, our clubs logged over 4861 hours volunteering, which is a fantastic start to the year!  We thought we’d kick off term two with a little bit of friendly rivalry, and bring you our top ten sports clubs, based on how much time they’ve dedicated to help #MakeSportHappen!

  1. Badminton


In at number ten are our Manchester-based badminton club!  Thanks to increasing numbers at their Active Campus sessions, the club have managed to introduce a separate high performance team and keep the social play intact.

The club have also run numerous social events to keep the relationship strong between every player as well as maintaining the Manchester Badminton Inter League, which was set up by MMU, the University of Manchester and the University of Salford to give individuals who didn’t make the team the opportunity to represent the University competitively.

  1. Swimming


A few members of our swimming club have been volunteering their time and skills as coaches, by writing sets and running training sessions for the rest of the club as they prepare for the upcoming Long Course Swimming Championships!

  1. Taekwondo


Since September, our taekwondo club have hosted three seminars with a Grand Master, Master and World Champion.  Over the past couple of months, the committee have been working constantly behind the scenes on the MMU Fight Night taking place to raise money for Francis House Children’s Hospice.

The club’s instructor, Ross Sharman has also been working hard to launch the British University Taekwondo League (BUTL), which you can read more about here. [https://mmusportblog.com/2016/01/27/interview-mmu-taekwondo-instructor-ross-sharman/]

  1. Women’s Football

MMUCLFC 2015 16

Over the past few months, our Cheshire-based women’s football team have been working tirelessly to recruit players for their second team, as well as organising lots of activities to keep their current players involved!

  1. Men’s Football

Over the past few months, our Manchester-based men’s football club have been actively building strong links with local primary schools to provide coaching opportunities for children.  The club also help run coaching sessions at the Platt Lane Sports Complex, and have been working hard to encourage their members to take part in coaching courses offered by the University.

  1. Hockey

Whether it’s organising activities to keep their current players involved or organising fundraising activities such as the recent bake sale and leg wax (ouch!) in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust, it’s been a busy few months for our hockey club!

  1. Cheerleading (Cheshire)

cheshire cheer

It’s been a busy few months for our Cheshire-based Cheerleading club who have been busy developing their club through regular meetings and enrichment activities.  The club have designed and ordered new kits, organised fundraisers, booked competition and prepared new routines and music.  The club have also been supporting the gymnastics club where they train at various charity events!

  1. Mountaineering

Opening our top three are our mountaineering club! Boasting a well-established committee, our club work well together to make sure that roles and responsibilities are spread out evenly – vital when they are organising a lot of trips, both locally and overseas!  These self-led trips are instructed by members of the club and require a lot of planning and risk assessments due to the nature of the sport.

Right now, the club are preparing for their annual Easter trip to France and are getting ready to help support our Get Into Climbing programme!

  1. Archery


Hot on the heels of our top spot are our Archery club!  Based in Cheshire, the club have been supporting our Active Campus programme by encouraging students and staff to take part in the sport.  The club have also been working on the organisation of the North England University Archery League and a number of other competitions!

  1. Cheerleading (Manchester)

cheer mcr

And in our top spot, are our Manchester-based Cheerleading club!  Since last summer, the whole committee have been working really hard to get the club running smoothly and ensuring that it’s kept that way.  The club had to find a new coach, plan a whole new budget, organise new training times and get a new uniform designed and made.  Hopefully all of their hard work will pay off in their upcoming national competitions!

A big thank you to all of our sports clubs who have worked so hard to #MakeSportHappen and log their hours over the past few months.  Remember, logging your hours is easy and you can find out more on our website!

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