Great competition result for our Equestrian club!

Last Wednesday, our Cheshire-based Equestrian club took part in a friendly competition at Keele University! 

We spoke to club captain, Simone Christopher, about how the competition went!


“As our club is only in its second year, the 27th January was a big day for the club!  Our first ever competitive side took on Keele in a friendly competition that, for a few of our riders, was the first time they would experience any form of competing!

“Our riders learned a dressage test that was ridden in the morning, followed by a course of show jumps in the afternoon.

“Altogether seven riders competed from the club, split into two teams of four with a rider from Keele filling in the gap.  With four teams in total for the competition, we managed to watch away with team 1st and 4th.  Our vice-captain, Jake Higgs, placed eighth individually and I placed second!

“Overall it was such a successful day and the club is hoping to arrange another fixture with Keele and possibly some other universities too!”

You can keep up-to-date with our Equestrian club’s news over on Twitter!

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