Spotlight On… Women’s Volleyball!

In this week’s Spotlight On…we’re getting to know our Women’s Volleyball club a little bit better!

After the success of gaining promotion last year, this year our Manchester-based women’s volleyball team are holding their own in a very tough BUCS Northern 1A league!

We spoke to the club captain, Michaela O’Toole, to find out a little bit more about the club.

Approximately, how many members do you have?

“We have around fifteen members.”

What’s the best part about being in your sports club?

“We are all really friendly people who enjoy spending the Wednesday afternoon together playing the sport we enjoy. It’s a very sociable club, interacting with the men’s side of the club and supporting both teams, as and when we can.” 

How did your club do last year on and off the pitch?

“Last year we won our league and this meant we entered the first division and now compete with some high quality volleyball players.”

What were the highs and lows from last season?

“Last season highs were coming top of league for BUCS and reaching the final for the northern cup. However our low was that we came second although it was a great opportunity.”

What are your hopes for 2015/16?

“Our hopes are to stay in division one and win at least one game as we know it is a very high standard.”

What on and off the pitch activities do you have coming up for your club?

“We have loads of socials that are always being organised every week!”

Thanks Michaela!

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