Match report: Netball 1s vs Keele

Yesterday, our netball 1s returned to court with the same energy and determination that saw them close the first half of the season completely unbeaten at the very top of the BUCS Northern 2A

Welcoming Keele to the Sugden Sports Centre, the team stormed ahead to an outstanding 113 – 11 victory over the visitors; a performance that places them in a very good position to top the league this season and earn promotion into the Northern 1A.

Our sport scholar, Chloe Shepherd, brings us the match report!


“After our long Christmas break we looked to carry on where we left off by winning the Northern 2A division in style. Today we welcomed Keele University 1sts to the Sugden centre in the latest round of matches, and we set ourselves an ambitious target of bettering our previous total against Keele from when we played them in October.

“The starting seven were Nancy Thompson (GK), Becca Airey (GD), Buhle Dubazana (WD), Gabby Marshall (C), Kate Thomas (WA), Fran Duffy (GA) and Chloe Shepherd (GS).

“We scored from our first centre pass and straight away turned over Keele’s with excellent high intensity play from the centre court.  This gave us an early lead which we never looked at giving back, scoring the first five goals in less than 60 seconds without reply!

“There was excellent defence from Nancy and Bekah.  The mid-courters were turning over balls with ease to the shooters with Fran sinking balls from the edge of the circle. Chloe, in particular, took advantage of the excellent feeds in from Kate and Gabby scoring 29 goals from 30 shots and, after one interception, we saw out the quarter 33-2.

“Changes in the second and third quarters saw the whole team rotate allowing everyone on court giving us time to try various combinations.  This all worked well, including Bekah Airey slotting in at goal shooter with stats to worry the main shooters!

“Charlotte Halliwell and Ruth Anderson picked up endless hard-fought interceptions in defence and Eliza Morgan created excellent play in attack as we extended our lead in each quarter as all players worked seamlessly.

“Scores at half time showed a massive lead, with a score line 63-5 at half time and 90-7 at the end of the third quarter.

“Moving in to the final quarter, the team was given the challenge of beating Keele by 100 clear goals; not just reaching 100 total goals as we started out to do.

“Understandably, the intensity dropped slightly after the blistering start we had made, just after Chloe scored our 100th goal of the game a collision with the Keele goalkeeper resulted on a twisted ankle and a change was made with Rachel Towell going to GA and Fran to GS to see out the game.

“The final score was 113-11 to  cement our top spot in the league and send a warning to the other teams that we are getting better as a team each time we play.”

Keele gave POTM to GS Chloe Shepherd.

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