Tom Tries: Basketball

Our Sports Development Assistant, Tom Jones, went down to our Active Campus Basketball the other day. Take a look at how he got on!

This is the sixth Tom Tries I have now done and by doing this campaign it’s clearly highlighted how bad I am at the majority of sports we offer on our recreational programme! This week I went down to our Friday evening Active Campus basketball session down at Sugden Sports Centre. I’m honestly the worst basketball player ever. I had a basketball net when I was a youngster, which I went through a craze of playing with and I vaguely remember playing in a tournament for my junior school in year six, we didn’t win a game and finished bottom of the league. I think that’s what made me not want to play the sport ever again!

The session is good fun and everyone has a laugh. For basic novices like me, it’s very welcoming and the Activators Danny, Luke and Katherine make sure you get involved. It’s great to see people of all abilities playing and the better players were quick to give me some tips on what to do!

Basketball overall is growing at the university which is great to see. The teams are doing well and it’s good to see from a development perspective that it’s doing well recreationally, through our Active Campus sessions.

If you’re a beginner like me and fancy giving it a go I would definitely recommend it!

All you need to bring along is comfortable sportswear and your student ID where you will get scanned in by one of our friendly Activators at the start of the session.

For the next two week bring along a friend to our Active Campus sessions and be in the chance to win some fantastic prizes! You can find out more information here.

For more information about Active Campus, visit our website.

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