Strong start for MMU in the British University Taekwondo League

On Saturday, our MMU ITF Taekwondo team took part in the first ever event in the British University Taekwondo League – the brainchild of our very own club chair and instructor, Ross Sharman!

The event took place in Leicester and featured 80 participants from six universities.  Each University took part in two matches, with MMU facing favourites, Leicester, and Swansea – the two toughest teams on paper!

We spoke to Ross about how the day went for the league and for our team.


“It was an extremely tough draw for our team in the first match.  The Leicester club is 26 years old, and boasts a lot of medals and wins, and the Swansea club is similar!

“However, on the day our club absolutely smashed it, with the senior graded and black belt athletes winning every match.  Even the beginners, who had never competed before, did really well with more of them getting wins too!  Even I stepped back in the ring after seven years, which was fantastic!

“After some very controversial decisions, the day ended with us drawing 8-8 with Leicester and 7-7 with Swansea, which is unheard of in Taekwondo.

“However, after officials reviewed the video footage and looked up people’s history, it turned out that two members from Leicester and two from Swansea were actually black belts in Karate and Kickboxing!

“As this hadn’t been admitted and they had competed wearing white belts, they had illegally beaten four of our competitors – all of whom were beginners, who did amazing to even stand against four black belts in disguise!

“Faced with a clear breach of rules, these fights became void and we were rightly awarded with two overall match wins that saw us beat Leicester 8-6 and Swansea 7-5.

“Everyone gave amazing performances and I am so proud of everyone at the club!  The result places us at the top of the league, which is a great place to be ahead of the next match in Manchester on Wednesday 9 March.”

To find out more about the British University Taekwondo League, visit their website!


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