Campus League Roundup: Week Twelve

After a short break to let the pitches recover, we return for another exciting game week in our Campus League 11-a-side football. We spoke to the FC Blizzard manager, captain and utility player, Danny Whitaker, to find out how he thinks his team are progressing this season in our 11-a-side Football Campus League. 

FC Blizzard are currently sat second bottom in League One, struggling to find form and enough players to field consistently.


Let’s find out what Danny had to say about his team’s season so far…   

Who was your previous game against and how do you feel it went?

“We played HellCy and we were horrendous but then again we only had ten men.” 

Where do you think you’ll finish this season?

“Bottom, I’ll be very surprised if we don’t!” 

Who in your team do you think is most likely to play a cold rainy night at Stoke?

“Alex Maddox, he’s from Stoke so he’s used to it.”

If you could have one professional player in your team, who would it be?

“Any player that can pass a ball would be a start…”

Thanks Danny.

Here are the fixtures for next week’s games.

Wednesday 2nd March

Spartan Moscow


FC Debrados of Fallowfield
Eton Messi


Wilmslow Park FC




All Saints
Greystar United


Murder on Zidane’s Floor
No Name FC


Birley FC
Cambridge FC


FC Bottle Job

You can view the league tables on our top tournament page.

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