#MakeSportHappen: meet our volunteer of the month, Sam Richards!

This month, we’re excited to introduce you to our Volunteer of the Month, Sam Richards!

Sam studies Sports Management and Marketing at Manchester Metropolitan University and, over the last month, has contributed over 60 hours of volunteering! Sam was an integral part of the volunteer workforce at the National Squash Championships and the Street 2 Feet Homeless Football event team.

We spoke to Sam about his experiences as a volunteer with us!

Tell us about your interests and hobbies, Sam.

“I am a first year Sports Management student originally from North Wales.  I’m an avid follower of football, rugby, boxing and athletics and, outside of sport, music is my main hobby.  Since I arrived in Manchester, I have used a fair portion of my loan on going to as many gigs as possible.  I also broadcast a weekly radio show.”


What volunteering activities have you been involved with during your time at MMU?

“Since September, I have been involved with Street 2 Feet, where I have been working with other volunteers organising the national 5-a-side competition for the homeless. I have also been volunteering with the national squash championships in which I had to score the final, which would go out to the big TVs in the arena! There was big pressure but thankfully, no mistakes were made! In the coming months, I am looking to volunteer for the dodge ball World Cup, which sounds very interesting!”

What has been your favourite moment?

“The National Squash Championships were great as I met some really cool people than I hope to see on future events.  Not letting in the world number one, Laura Massaro, into the venue as she did not have a pass was not my finest moment, but it is one I will remember! Scoring the final in front of nearly 1000 was probably the highlight.”

Why should other students consider volunteering in sport?

“I think sport events are so unique and always have that sense of unpredictability, which makes everything exciting. It is so cliché to say it is great for the CV but it is true! However, more than anything the people you meet through volunteering is what makes it. Everyone is down to earth and who knows meeting the right people at the right time may lead to other great opportunities!”

To find out more about our Sport Volunteering programme and what opportunities are on offer, visit our website.

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