The long ride with Alice

Alice Sharpe:

For International Women’s Day, we’re profiling inspiring women who stay active. You don’t need to be a professional athlete to keep yourself in good health. Grab a friend, choose a sport or activity that gets you smiling and enjoy the endorphins afterwards.

MMU Sport offer a range of activities to choose from, including club sport, Get Into , campus leagueActive Lifestyle classes and Active campus. Get inspired and give something a go today.


Hi I’m Alice, a 21 year old triathlete studying Sports Management here at MMU. Some women I know don’t participate in sport in fear of being judged and the media’s portrayal of women doesn’t help.  When I was younger I used to worry about being judged, especially when I was 13 or so; self-conscious and spotty. However, as I grew older, I realised everyone looks a bit rough and sweaty while doing sport and you know what? No one even cares; in fact they’re more likely to stare at you if you’re half-heartedly pedaling on the stationary bike while scrolling through Instagram. The buzz of exercise far outweighs any niggling feelings of insecurity. Trust me you will feel great about yourself post work out and far more motivated to crack on with your Uni work.


Pre ride on Wednesday: Alice on the bike
Pre ride on Wednesday

Pre ride selfie – 10.30am: Luckily, I have no lectures on Wednesday which means I can get a few miles on the bike out in the Peak District. It was a chilly by sunny and for once it wasn’t raining. We headed up to Blaze Hill which is a 1.9km climb, a great test of fitness ahead of the impending race season.





During the ride:  

Alice on a bike in the Peak District
During my ride in the Peaks

Amazing views out in the Peak District, this photo does it no justice!
A long ride into the hills is by far my favourite session, smashing it up the hills and whizzing back down. It easy to forget you’ve got a mountain of Uni work waiting for you at home.
Plus cycling burns A LOT of calories so we often stop mid ride for a coffee and a cake; can’t think of many other sports where that happens.


Bowl of muesli and fruit
Post workout: Time to recover


Pre workout: 6.30pm

Alice's leg on the foam roller
The foam roller: painful

Wednesday are a big day of training for me (lots of foam rolling required) in the evening I head down to Longford Park in Chorlton for a track session with Manchester Triathlon Club. It can be tough to motivate myself to change out of my onesie, but I never regret it once I’m there.





The track: laps of this.
The track: laps of this.

A foggy and cold Longford Park … this week’s set was 8x800m off 4mins30, a big session and great bit of speed work.



Post: Back home to warm up, EAT and relax in front of the TV.
Post workout: Back home to warm up, EAT and relax in front of the TV.

Thursday: Pre workout 8.30pm
Down at Manchester Aquatics Centre with Manchester Triathlon Club ready for a big set. Some girls like buying shoes and handbags, I like buying sparkly swimsuits.

thurs pre

Couldn’t take a selfie during this as we barely had a chance for a drink, it was a tough main set; 16x50m (6Free, 3Fly) x2, 16x100m (6Free, 3 IM) x2, 16 x50m (6Free, 3IM) x2

Post workout: Training doesn’t finish till 10pm by which point I’m starving but always buzzing after smashing another session!


FridayturboPre: 8am Turbo session, the hardest session to wake up for but always a good workout. Turbo training is similar to a Spin Bike class at a gym, except you’re one your own bike and its tailored to racing rather than burning calories.mug

During: I am always please I’ve managed to dragging myself out of bed for this session. For anyone who would like to join us, we meet at 8am in the Studio on the 3rd floor of the Union every Friday morning 8-9.15am. Just bring along your own bike, we will provide the turbos.selfie turbo


Post: Done! Quick shower, grab some food and straight off to lectures.

post end

You don’t need to do as many sessions as Alice to have fun! If you want to get back on the bike or into the pool with a little motivation, why not join our Swimathon and Bikeathon for Sport Relief? Any distance you do is welcome and you’ll be helping a great cause as you paddle or pedal. 


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