David goes to home of ping pong

David serves up trip to the powerhouse of table tennis

David serves
Keeping an eye on the ball

MMU architecture student David Adesanya is off to China as part of the Study China programme encouraging students to broaden their studies, and while David will predominantly looking at Chinese language and culture, the table tennis Chair will also squeeze in a visit to the National table tennis centre and play with some of the world’s best.

On his trip, David will meet and train with teams in Beijing though he admits he’s a little bit anxious about the quality of the competition.

“China has a long, strong tradition of great table tennis and I have heard that the depth of field and quality of the game is intense,” he said, referring to China’s dominance in both Olympic and World Championship games.

David is part of our table tennis squad in the competitive BUCS League. He’s also a Sports Activator on our Active Campus programme at MMU, which encourages students and staff to turn up and have a go at sports and activities on a casual basis. The table tennis club grew out of students’ new-found enthusiasm through our Active Campus programme, and David is keen to see the sport go from strength to strength at MMU, long after he leaves. The squad are coached by Andrew Rushton, Commonwealth games silver medallist and bronze medal winner at the world championships in January.

“Table tennis is an excellent sport, because you can get into it very easily and after some practice, everyone can have a game. It’s easy to become addicted and get more skilled and competitive as you play and it’s great to see the athleticism of the game at the top end of the sport. ”

Table tennis is a high energy and all-body activity, which burns up to 350 calories per hour for a social match. The fancy footwork and darting play of elite competitor’s burns up to 500 calories per match!

You can take part in table tennis by dropping into The Union, where tables are set up, in both Manchester and Cheshire. Or contact the table tennis squad.

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