Scholar Alice’s Tips: Getting into Swimming

Getting into Swimming…

If you’re looking to start a new hobby, lose weight or de-stress, swimming is perfect for you! Just 30 minutes of swimming is equivalent to 45-60 minutes of cardio such as jogging. It’s also a great break from studying, as swimming produces the same “relaxation responses” as yoga! Along with loads of other proven health benefits such as…

  • Improves your mood (boosts endorphins in the body)
  • Increases positivity
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Strengthens muscles
  • Increases circulation
  • Supports your body weight, allowing you to work out for longer with less stress on your body. Perfect if you’re prone to injury or suffering from an existing injury.

How to get started …

All you’ll need are swim suit/shorts, I would recommend a pair off google and if you have long hair, a swim hat is a must! (All of which can be bought for under a tenner online.)

There are plenty of swimming pools here in Manchester including Manchester Aquatics Centre, over the road from MMU’s All Saints campus. The Aquatics Centre was purpose built for the 2002 Commonwealth Games, idols such as Ian Thorpe have set world records there!

It’s easy to pop along to one of the public sessions which are open to everyone, lanes are split into Slow, Medium, Fast and Very Fast. Make sure you check the pool timetable to see when these sessions run.

* A student swim at the Manchester Aquatics Centre, over the road from the All Saints Campus is just £2.00 or you can use your MET Card!


Starting something new for the first time can be intimidating, why not bring along a house mate? …Or join a club?

Club Swimming…

Manchester has a whole host of swimming clubs who cater from Beginners to Elites including:

Joining a club is a great way to push yourself, start competing, make new friends and improve your technique.

MMU Swimming is the universities Swimming Club, they train 4 times a week at the Aquatics Centre. Perfect if you want take up swimming for fun or compete. For more information:

What MMU Sport offer…

If you’re not sure your swimming ability is quite up to Club level, why not try one of the Active Campus swimming sessions? They’re FREE and take place 12.00-1.00 every Thursday at the Aquatics Centre, simply turn up with your swim kit and student ID.

Free Your mind


Feel inspired? Why not try this beginner work out…

Warmup: 2 x 50m (2 lengths) front crawl – You can rest between laps if needed.

Main set: 4 x 25m (1 length) front crawl counting strokes per length – try to keep an even number of strokes.

4 x 50m front crawl (30 seconds rest between each length) – try to hit the same time on each lap.

4 x 25m front crawl counting strokes per length – try to keep an even number of strokes.

2 x 50m front crawl warmdown – swim slowly and relax!


Thank Alice!

Stay tuned for next week’s blog on how you can get into cycling!



  1. It is great that you are encouraging your students to get into swimming. It is one of the most enjoyable sports to be involved in at any level. You have some fantastic facilities right on your doorstep too!

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