Arran Dixon: goalkeeper coaching at City

Arran has recently graduated from a Comb Hons in Business Enterprise / Human Resource Management at Manchester Metropolitan University and, over the past year, has helped out, and lead, on a number of football-related projects!

We spoke to Arran about his experiences and what winning this award meant to him!

What volunteering activities have you been involved in since September 2015?

Since the start of the academic year, I have been involved in a wide varietArran Dixon 1y of volunteering schemes varied from a business context, running an MMU Sports Team and even coaching for a professional football team.

At the start of the year, I volunteered as an events assistant at the Soccerex Global football Convention. This was an amazing event where huge names in football and business congregated at what was effectively a trade show for football and FIFA.

I coached as a goalkeeper coach for a couple of sessions for Manchester City FC when a team from Australia came to Europe to visit Europe. They visited Barcelona, Paris, Munich, London and Manchester.

Throughout the year, I have coached football at our Platt Lane Complex where I help coach children from the local area in the evening. I also coach at some local primary schools each week to help with their after school clubs.

Finally, I have volunteered at the FA Girls Football Festival, the Manchester Community games and I am the 1st team captain and chairman of the Men’s football team at MMU.

What (if any) benefits have you gained from getting involved in the Sports Volunteering Programme at MMU?

Volunteering in sports whilst at university has been a key fArran Dixon 2actor in boosting my CV. It has allowed me to secure a top graduate role once I graduate and has allowed me to grow my professional network considerably. Whilst of course it is important to have fun at university, at the end of the day we are all here to enhance our career chances and volunteering has had a huge impact on my success so far.

What has been your favourite moment from volunteering with MMU Sport?

Being the chair and captain of the university football team has been incredible. I have met some amazing individuals and played with some great players at some amazing venues. My favourite moment was playing at Man City’s new youth team stadium. To captain the team in the first ever public game there was unbelievable and is something I will never forget.

Arran Dixon 3

Why should other students (not just sports students) volunteer in sport?

It is so important that you make the most of university and take every opportunity handed to you. This is what I did and I can leave with the comfort of knowing I have lived my university life to its fullest. I would strongly encourage anyone with free time to volunteer, as you may not realise how important it is or just where it may take you!

What does winning this award mean to you and how will help you in the future?

I won the university’s award for ‘Outstanding contribution to peer support’. Although it was nice to be recognised for my hard work, and of course, it will help me with my career prospects, I am just happy that my efforts have been appreciated. I am happy that I have made a considerable impact on other people’s lives which is why I started volunteering in the first place.

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