Tom Jones gets on his bike!

On Wednesday 15th June, the Business school is hosting the 10th Annual Cycle Event (ACE) which will be held during Bike Week, how fitting. The event begins at 8am with the customary free breakfast and will run until 3pm with a variety of stalls and activities to get involved in.

Check out the video for Tom Tries Cycling here!

I wanted to get involved somehow so I decided to extend the Tom Tries series and cycle to work to try and show people how easy and great it is to commute to work! You can find more information here

I tried my best to get out on the bike over winter but the weather was so horrendous. I’m a fair weather cyclist so it was very rare for me to get out, which I do regret. Now it’s
summer, the bike is a lot easier to get up for. Sitting in my car, in ridiculous traffic on Chester Road, seeing cyclists glide past with ease makes you feel bad about yourself. Driving puts me in such a bad mood!

Cycling to work has countless benefits, it’s healthy, inexpensive, less stressful and in my case the 7-mile trip is much quicker. A usual journey time of 35 mins in the car is cut by an average of 10 mins on the bike! You also appreciate the environment around you more when you cycle as you are usually isolated behind the slightly tinted windows of the car.

The trip into work is more or less a straight route, west to east. Unfortunately, I have the rising sun in my face all the way, and then the same on the way home! It is also very flat –  not the best route for hill training. From Flixton, I travel through Stretford, say hello to Morrissey’s old house down Kings Road, then over the roundabout past Old Trafford CG which takes me to Stretford Road where I try and cycle as quick as I can through Hulme.

I track my cycling with an app called Strava. This records the distance, caloriIMG_3033es, time, elevation etc. The more I cycle the more I try to beat my previous times, good to get a sweat on before work! (Don’t worry, I do shower). There are many shower locations on campus as well as locations to lock up your bike. I keep mine in the Geoffrey Manton cycle shelter, free of charge!

Many people are put off by cycling to work. Yes, it’s obviously very busy in the morning but motorists are fully aware you are out on the road. It’s also great to see so many cyclists about nowadays. As long as you have the right gear, a helmet, you look after your bike, be cautious and stay in the cycle lane, you will enjoy cycling to work and you will soon become an addict!

You don’t need to go to town on the gear either, you can get your helmet, bike, clothing, bag etc. for a reasonable price at Halfords. Additionally, with the bike2work scheme now running again, there’s no excuse! Take a look at the offers you can get! I’d recommend it to anyone. What are you waiting for? Get planning your route now and get on the bike.

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