image Your active guide to Freshers

I’m Jack Colwell – studying MA Journalism. Here’s my picks for Freshers’ week:

Best events for:

Tips for new students: 

Owen Jones, current MMU Men’s Rugby Union Vice Chairman

“I would say freshers fair is really important, it gives you a chance to find a society or sports team with like minded people and new friends. Secondly go to as many socials in freshers week as possible with house mates, course mates etc. Meet loads of new people so you have different friends throughout the year”

 Chris Paterson – current MMU Men’s Football Chairman

“I would recommend any special nights that the Union put on such as the Taekwondo fight nights or if there’s any big sporting events on, cheap drinks and plenty of friendly faces to socialise with”

 Arthur Kelman – former MMU Men’s Rugby Union Vice Chairman

“Keep your door open on moving in day so your new flat mates can drop in and say hello! Give everything a go, like a sport or a society, you’ll be surprised at what you find here”

Amanda Doherty – MMU Rounders Vice Chair

“Always join a society because you are thrown in with your flat mates, thrown in with your course mates but you can choose your society friends. And this friendship is based on a mutual interest.  Another piece of advice is to jump at every opportunity to meet new people and socialise whether it’s a night out, coffee or even movie night. And don’t be afraid to be the person who organises it”


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