Freshers’ advice from students

My name is Marianne and I am a student. I remember when I was a Fresher I was pretty scared to try any of the activities going on around campus and especially being classed as a mature student, even though I was only 23, and being international it was all very daunting. I unfortunately chose to let the daunting feeling take over and didn’t attend any of the FREE activities that was on offer. I have now made it to my third year studying physiotherapy and my absolute best advice to Freshers this year is to not let the daunting feeling of being in a new place not knowing anyone take over and rather do exactly what you feel like. If your housemates or course mates don’t enjoy e.g tennis but you desperately want to try it or even just being a tad bit curious if you’d be any good at it, come down to one of our free tennis sessions! There are definitely people there with the same interest as you and whether you feel you are any good at it or not you will meet new people and you will have followed your instinct and your interest.

Marianne, 3rd year physiotherapy student

“I was terrified of not being good enough to join anything especially sports. Looking back at in now I really regret it as I have met so many new people through sports and made really good friends. It was a great way to meet people who weren’t on my course and get a bit of a break from constantly thinking or talking about coursework.

“Find something you enjoy and be bold enough to go on your own even if your friends aren’t interested.”

Shabir, 2nd year physiotherapy student

“My advice is stay active by joining activities run by the university. It’s the best way to get away from uni stress.”

Tabassum, 3rd year law student

“I decided to follow up on all the societies I had an interest in. I’ve always loved badminton so I kind of just went for it. I wear a scarf and my clothes aren’t exactly workout material. But at the stall they made it clear that it was ok and I can wear whatever I want and that really got me excited for it.

“Tip for freshers: don’t be afraid to try new societies or activities on your own.”

Simone, 3rd year, physiotherapy

“Sport is part of my life and sport at this uni is so good, it’s fun.

“Tip for freshers: Guys just go for it, you won’t regret it!”

Amelia, 2nd year physiology (physical health and activity)

“I only wanted a small commitment but still really wanted to play football at university to meet new people and gain skills. The fact Manchester City players and coaches would be running it was a huge appeal.

“Tip for freshers: I would say just join any club that interests you, as you’ve already got a common interest with the other people so you will make friends and enjoy yourself.”


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