Canoe club calling for newbies

I’m Harriet – Canoe Club Secretary. Here’s why you should join us!

What is MMU Canoe club?

MMU Canoe is a fun and welcoming sports club, open to all abilities. Last year we spent many hours training in the pool, played loads of games and some of our members even learned how to successfully roll their kayaks!

Why should I join Canoe Club?

  • Great exercise- includes cardio, back, arm and shoulder muscle strengthening and even gives your legs a workout too!
  • Have lots of fun- we balance our training with more light-hearted games
  • Build your skills up- start as a paddler, become a pro

Upcoming events to get involved with:

  • Social- Monday 26th September 8-11pm The Footage
  • Weekly training sessions starting Wednesday 28th September 7-9pm Manchester Aquatics Centre (meet at 6:45pm in foyer)

What we will be doing this year:

  • Weekly training sessions, from learning the basics such as how to paddle and steer to how to go sideways, backwards and upside down!
  • Regular socials to chill out and get to know each other better
  • River/ lake trips to test out our skills in the wild!

Got a question? Contact us:


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