So why join a gym?

I’m Billy and I am a journalism student.

My motivation at first was to lose my love handles that I’d accumulated from eating a few too many Quality Streets’ and few more mince pies, but now my motivation is to better my health and fitness. Achieving a goal and seeing your own progress is an amazing feeling, and fuels your hunger to work harder. I used to be the laziest person ever, and whilst I’m not a busybody now, I wake up looking forward to working out.

Everybody has different limits and goals, but only through facing them and beating your targets do you realise how strong you are!

I was at first sceptical on the price, but if anything, it made me work harder in the beginning so I wasn’t wasting money.

For those who are unsure if joining a gym is for them, don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from looking great for summer 2017. Everybody started at the beginning, so don’t compare yourself to somebody who’s three years ahead of you. Take the first steps, and next thing you know, you’ll be posting gym selfies all over Instagram!

Here’s a pic of me, before and after – I lost 3.5 stone in eight months!


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