Scared by the 10K? Chill out, kit up and set goals. A beginner’s guide.

I’m Ashley Williams, MMU Sport ambassador, and I’ve just signed up to my first 10K

As another year starts, the number of gym attendees across Manchester (and the world!) sky rockets as New Year Resolutions to get fit, lose weight or work towards fitness goals are made.

This year, I’ll be joining them on my own mission…to train for my first ever long distance run, the Great Manchester Run 10k (eeek!).

I’ll admit, as a shy girl, working out in a gym does make me a little nervous but I’ve come up with three reasons to get my butt moving and make going to the gym an awesome experience… and they might even work for you too!

1.) Buy New Gym Clothes That You Love

It may seem silly but it really can make a big difference! Working out can be a pain at the best of times, so on those days when all you want to do is stay in bed in your pyjamas, buying yourself a great set of comfy gym clothes that you absolutely love will make it that little bit easier to get suited up and out the door.

For me, crazy patterns and bright colours motivate me to get moving. They don’t even have to be expensive (I’m a poor student, and Primark has a great selection of things, even for bigger ladies like me)

2.) Work Towards Something That Really Matters to You

For me, I’ll be working towards my first ever long distance run but, whenever it’s being able to do 50 push ups or just going to the gym once a week, any goal that matters to you is really important. When I first started exercising, my goal was to be able to walk up the three flights of stairs at work without being out of breath, and when I finally managed to do that, I felt incredibly proud of myself. No matter what your goal, big or small, it can really be a big motivator.

3.) To Get Stress Relief

Being a full-time masters student, while working three part-time jobs, can get incredibly stressful at times! Exercising is a fantastic way to release stress. So get those headphones on, listen to your favourite music and run/cycle/weightlift/dance those worries away…I promise, you’ll feel great afterwards!

To enter the Great Manchester Run 10K for just £20 visit the MMU Sport website

To check out the great gyms and sport facilities that MMU has to offer, head to the website and find out more:

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