Get to know the Women’s Rugby Union team! Meet Jess!

The women’s rugby team have enjoyed a successful season so far, but who are the ladies that make up the team? These Q&A’s should help: 
To kick off, no pun-intended, we have one of the social secretary’s Jess Dyer!

Q – What position do you play?
A – Hooker

Q – When did you start playing rugby and why?
A – I started playing rugby 18 months ago when I started university. I’ve always been a huge rugby fan (shout out to my homeboys Sale Sharks), I was drawn in by the 2015 World Cup so decided to try playing it, and I’ve loved every minute.

Q – Who’s your favourite rugby player?
A – Tough one! But I think I’d have to go with Jason Robinson.


Q – What’s your favourite beverage?
A – I’m sure this will be a huge shock to everyone. Strongbow dark fruits.

Q – Rugby can be quite daunting for some! Have you done other sports before/whilst playing for MMU?
A – Funnily enough I was actually a dancer for 18 years before I came to university! Starting rugby was definitely stepping out of my comfort zone but I loved the challenge of it!

Q – What the best thing about being a part of MMU women’s rugby?
A – Definitely my ever growing fancy dress collection ha-ha! As well as making friends for life!

 We’ll be posting more Q&A’s regularly so keep checking!


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