10 Reasons You should start watching women’s football

With Manchester City’s game in the UEFA Women’s Champions League quarter final a month away, Ross Baillie, second year sports marketing student shares why you should start watching women’s football in England (and support Manchester City women’s team)

1. It’s becoming more and more popular every year

The women’s game is on the up. Manchester City, for example, saw their attendances increase by over 50% in 2016. They also became the first women’s club in British football to average crowds of more than 2,000 over a season. This is only going to increase every year, for all clubs in England.

Women’s football is already very popular in the US

2. It is more open

When it comes to tolerance for LGBT issues, the women’s game is so far ahead of the men’s. The women’s game has had numerous openly gay players, with ex England captain Casey Stoney being openly gay for years and still playing. All gay footballers have been accepted in the women’s without blinking, which makes it a fantastic atmosphere that everyone can feel comfortable in. Mind you, that doesn’t mean the fans and players aren’t competitive.

3. They play the game the right way

What do I mean by that? Well, diving and cheating in the women’s game is pretty much non-existent. You can’t say the same for the men’s. It is well known that most male players would go down without even being touched! They could take a leaf out of the women’s game in that regard. Furthermore, time wasting is less, a study even showed that women are 10 seconds quicker to get off the field after being substituted and 30 seconds quicker when celebrating! That means you get to watch more on-field action.

How many men would have stayed down there?

4. The best player in the world is going to play for Manchester City.

Manchester City Women’s just signed Carli Lloyd. She has won the FIFA Women’s Player of the Year for the last two seasons. She’s won the Olympics twice but is probably best known for scoring an amazing hat-trick in the World Cup final to help the USA beat Japan. So basically, the greatest women’s player in the world right now is living in Manchester, and you can go watch her play!

The third goal is particularly impressive

5. Manchester City could make history

Manchester City played in the champions league for the first time ever last season. They’re now in the quarter finals! So, it’s a great time to get involved, support and be part of history!

6. The Women’s game has produced some great goals

Some of the goals scored last season have been absolutely amazing. So much so that they were even nominated for the famous Puskás award, coming up against goals from Messi and Neymar!

This beauty was scored by Irish footballer Stephanie Roche

7. Money doesn’t rule it

Women football players earn around the national average. So less than what Wayne Rooney probably earns in a day. Unlike the men, women footballers still play the game because they love it! Not just for a big cheque at the end of the day.

8. Women being less skilful than men is a myth

The women may not have as much pace and power as the men, but they certainly do not lack when it comes to skill and technique.

Not too shabby

9. England aren’t bad at it!

The 2015 Women’s World Cup was a very competitive. England ladies made it all the way to the semi finals. It took an unlucky last minute own goal to keep them from going to extra time. Though they didn’t win, things are looking up for the English team, so I would keep an eye on the next women’s tournament, unless you would rather watch the men lose to Iceland…

10. It’s more accessible.

Simply put, it’s cheaper. While you may have to pay over £500 for a season ticket for the men, the average women’s season ticket is around £30! That’s great value for money. Manchester Met students and staff get an even better deal, with Manchester City Women giving us several FREE tickets for every game. Register for tickets here.

Huddle v Brondby.jpg
Manchester City are playing Fortuna in the first leg on Thursday the 23rd of March

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