Meet Nicole: the scrum!

The women’s rugby team have enjoyed a successful season so far, but who are the ladies that make up the team?
Continuing on with our Q&A of the Women’s Rugby Union is Scrum Half Nicole Crowley:

Q – Do you support a rugby team?
A – Yes, Bristol Rugby

Q – When did you start playing rugby and why?
A – Started when I was 11 because I wanted to join another sports club after I stopped doing Judo. Ended up playing mixed boys and girls for a season.


Q – Favourite food?
A – Pasta, carbonara style

Q – Favourite film?
A – Hot Fuzz

Q – What’s the best thing about being part of MMU Sport Womens rugby?
A – Meeting new people that are exactly the same as you, there’s something about rugby players that makes them bond so well and exploring parts of the country I’ve never been before.

Get to know more of our players by coming back to the blog!

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