League vs Union: Zoe decides!

Women’s rugby chairwoman Zoe Patchett answers some of life’s toughest questions

Q – Who’s your favourite player?
A – My favourite player would have to be Kevin Sinfield. (League soz) quality player and leader. Lead the rhinos to three trophies in one season.

Q – When did you start playing rugby and why?
A –  I started playing rugby at the age of 10/11 because a friend of mine played at the local club plus my parents were into sport and it was another sport to try, ticked off my list.

Q –  Favourite beverage?
A –  It was disaronno and coke, not so sure after Christmas…


Q – Do you have a favourite quote?
A – Everything happens for a reason, I’m a very strong believer in this!

Q – Over the years, of playing rugby if you had to choose between league and union, which would you choose and why?
A – Such a hard question, thanks ! I do miss league, so much of my life so far has been dedicated to it and I have so much rugby family back home too! There’s so much more in union for me though, but yeah it’d have to be league it’s in the blood, don’t hate me.

Q – What’s the best part of being part of the MMU Sport Women’s rugby team?
A – Meeting amazing people and running a club to success is the best part! Let’s have promotion shall we?

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